Answering Your Questions About Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth, or more than one tooth, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the advice you get from those around you as well as your dentist. As we age, we can lose teeth for several reasons. For some of us, lack of exceptional dental care when we were children can cause us to lose teeth as adults. Others may have experienced a dental emergency such as breaking a tooth and needing to have it extracted. Or, you may have simply lost teeth to decay. At the Dental Centre of Conroe, we don’t want you to feel the shame that we know can be associated with missing teeth. We understand how important a full smile is to a person’s self esteem, so we offer several solutions for tooth replacement. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX, dentist will answer questions that you may be having about a great tooth replacement option: dental implants.

Questions and Answers

Question: What is the difference between dental implants with dentures or a dental bridge and the traditional versions of dentures and bridges?

Answer: With dental implants, titanium posts are implanted into your jawbone to provide new tooth roots that offer stable support for your restorations, whether they are crowns, dentures, or bridges. The dentures and bridges then have supports to snap onto, giving them a stronger hold than the traditional versions since they do not have to be simply fitted over your gums or attached to your remaining natural teeth.

Question: Do the posts offer other benefits besides stability?

Answer: Yes! The titanium posts become new tooth roots, which provide stimulation to your jawbone when you chew, which in turn tells your body to keep sending more vital nutrients to keep your jaw healthy. Without the pressure on your jaw from tooth roots, your jaw can deteriorate, losing mass and density, from a lack of nutrients that should be sent to it. So, implants help to keep your jaw healthy.

Question: Will my remaining natural teeth need to be modified to allow for the posts and restorations?

Answer: No! Unlike with traditional dental bridges, your natural teeth have no bearing on receiving implants. The posts will be placed exactly where your new teeth are needed, which will prevent your natural teeth from shifting around and creating a crooked smile. Plus, the restorations on top will not need to be removed for cleaning like traditional dentures, so you can care for them in the same ways that you care for your natural teeth.

Want to Learn More?

At the Dental Centre of Conroe, we are committed to your comfort and want you to have a good experience in our office. If you have any further questions, or want to find out if dental implants will be the right solution for your smile health, schedule a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe, TX, and the neighboring communities.