Sedation Dentistry in Conroe TX

richards_internalphotos_sedationdentistryReach A Relaxed, Tranquil State During Your Visit

Our team strives to ensure the comfort of our patients. While we offer a number of special amenities, we recognize entertainment and cozy blankets do not always suffice. If you feel particularly anxious about dental procedures – or if a simple checkup causes you nervousness – speak with Dr. Richards about our sedation dentistry options. By relaxing you before a procedure, we can help you feel calm and comfortable during the procedure.

About Sedation Dentistry

At The Dental Centre of Conroe, we offer patients sedation dentistry upon request. Sedation dentistry includes the use of medicine to offer a thorough sense of relaxation. Dr. Richards understands that all patients respond differently to the idea of a dental visit or procedure. Because we believe everyone deserves the same excellent care and a wonderful experience, we empathize with those patients who are nervous about seeing the dentist. By taking the edge off and assisting you in achieving a truly relaxed state, we make sure you maintain optimal oral health without anxiety standing in your way.

Types Of Sedation

We offer two types of sedation at The Dental Centre of Conroe to suit your unique needs and preferences:

  • Oral Sedation: If you choose oral sedation, Dr. Richards will select a pill that you will swallow before your procedure or visit. Belonging to a class of drugs called “sedatives” that relax your central nervous system, the pill will take time to wear off, even after your visit. You will need a friend or loved one to drive you home. Common sedatives include Valium, Ativan, Versed, and Halcion. Oral sedation is also well suited to individuals with anxiety regarding needles.
  • IV Sedation: For those patients desiring the deepest state of relaxation, we recommend IV sedation. Dr. Richards will administer a sedative drug intravenously, or into your vein. He will monitor you throughout your visit, and can change the amount of sedative you receive according to your needs. You will remain conscious during your appointment, but once the sedative wears off, you may forget some or all of your experience. You will need a friend or loved one to drive you home.

Am I A Good Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?

If you have dental-related anxiety, you may make a wonderful candidate for sedation. Rest assured, we would love to help you feel more relaxed during your visit and we offer sedation because we understand your hesitancy to seek dental treatment. Dr. Richards will examine you and ask a series of questions related to your health to determine whether you are physically fit to handle sedation medicine. To schedule a consultation, call the Dental Centre of Conroe today at (936) 441-4600. Located in Conroe, TX, we also proudly serve the residents of Houston, The Woodlands, Willis, Montgomery, Magnolia, Huntsville, and all the surrounding communities.