Tooth Extractions in Conroe TX

Improve Your Comfort And Enjoy Excellent Oral Health

While our priority is always to save your existing natural teeth, sometimes a tooth becomes difficult to treat. In order to restore your comfort, beauty, and function, an extraction is often your best solution. By removing the source of the problem, we can protect your surrounding teeth and gums, and discuss options for a beautiful tooth replacement.

Why Do I Need An Extraction?

You may need an extraction for a variety of reasons. In some cases, your tooth may become too damaged to improve, it may become diseased, or your tooth may develop poorly. Look over the following possibilities for a better understanding of why Dr. Richards may choose extraction as your best restorative treatment:

  • You need your wisdom teeth removed. Some patients find that their wisdom teeth become “impacted” or fail to erupt. Others cannot reach their wisdom teeth to provide them with optimal care. Sometimes, wisdom teeth are positioned to grow in at an awkward angle, which may result in the misalignment of your smile.
  • Your root canal fails. If you have an infected tooth that does not respond to root canal therapy, your best solution is tooth removal. Ignoring an infected tooth may result in an abscess. Surrounding teeth become vulnerable to the spread of infection.
  • Your tooth becomes damaged beyond repair.

The Benefits Of A Tooth Extraction

We encourage you to feel empowered by the idea of improving your oral health rather than disappointed at the prospect of removing a natural tooth. Thanks to advances in dental technology, you have a wide variety of tooth replacement options at your disposal. Consider the following benefits of extractions:

  • Removing your wisdom teeth can protect your smile and health.
  • Removing an infected tooth protects your overall oral health.
  • Regardless of the cause, if we cannot restore your tooth with a crown or other restorative treatment, we will remove the tooth and replace it with a beautiful prosthetic, such as a dental bridge or dental implant. The extraction will lead to improved speaking, chewing, and the improved aesthetic quality of your smile.

What To Expect From An Extraction

Rest assured, we will begin your extraction by focusing on your comfort. From keeping you warm with a blanket to offering sedation, you will feel relaxed throughout the procedure. Dr. Richards will numb your tooth and the surrounding area with an anesthetic once you feel at ease. While we will monitor your comfort throughout the extraction, you may feel a bit of pressure. Dr. Richards will carefully loosen the affected tooth and remove it with dental forceps.

After your procedure, you will need to spend a few days recovering. This may include taking time off of work or school while you heal. We will provide you with detailed instructions for aftercare, which will include eating soft foods. We will also ask you to avoid making a sucking motion with your mouth, which can dislodge the clots that form in the extraction site. The clots form as your body’s natural healing response. If the clots become dislodged, you may end up with an uncomfortable disorder called dry socket, which will require additional treatments. Follow our instructions and you can expect a quick and comfortable recovery.

Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

If you need tooth extraction, then ask your dentist how to protect the rest of your oral health afterward. To learn more, call the Dental Centre of Conroe today at (936) 441-4600. Located in Conroe, TX, we also proudly serve the residents of Houston, The Woodlands, Willis, Montgomery, Magnolia, Huntsville, and all the surrounding communities.