Need Tooth Extraction? Here’s How to Know

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell something is wrong with one or more of your teeth, and that seeking dental treatment as soon as possible is probably a good idea. However, knowing exactly what’s wrong, or how best to treat it once you’re at your dentist’s office, isn’t so easy. For example, many people can experience severe oral health concerns without realizing just how severe they are, or how involved treating the condition may be. Today, we take a look at a few signs that might indicate your trouble is severe enough to require tooth extraction. (more…)

How to Stop a Root Canal from Getting Infected

Most of the talk about preventing tooth decay involves stopping it from ever developing. However, tooth decay remains the most common oral health concern for most patients of all ages, and when it develops, the more pressing concern is preventing it from becoming more severe. If it does, then the decay that started in your main tooth structure can quickly become a threat to the inner tissues, nerves, and blood vessels of the tooth. Today, we explain how to stop a root canal from becoming infected by tooth decay, and how to save your tooth by treating it as soon as possible if it does. (more…)

What Implants Can Do for Your Custom Denture

There are many good reasons why dentures have long been a go-to solution for patients who’ve experienced complete tooth loss (also known as edentulism). The ability to restore your entire dental ridge with a row of durable, highly lifelike replacement teeth makes dentures essential in helping them regain their smiles and better quality of life. Today, modern dentures can also do more for rebuilding your smile than closely mimicking your healthy, natural tooth structure. When supported by a series of dental implants, they can also help reestablish the functions of your lost teeth roots, which can have significant advantages for the future of your oral health. (more…)

How to Restore a Severely Damaged Tooth in One Day

Using technology to customize and enhance modern treatment options is an important part of modern dentistry. For example, the use of solutions like digital imaging and onsite CAD/CAM technologies have helped vastly improve the results and procedures of many traditional dental treatments, such as the placement of a custom-designed dental crown. Our advanced CEREC same-day dental restoration system can allow us to design, create, and place your highly lifelike dental crown in just one visit, so you can enjoy the benefits of restoring your severely damaged tooth much sooner. (more…)

Why More People Have Tooth Fillings than You Know

Some concerns that your teeth can develop may be more common than you realize. For example, if you notice that your teeth are stained, you can feel better knowing that you’re not alone, and most people experience tooth stains at some point in their lives. The same can be true for cavities, which are a result of tooth decay and can affect almost anyone at some point. However, thanks to advanced treatments such as tooth-colored fillings, treating a cavity can be more discreet than you might expect. (more…)

If Your Snoring Is a Problem

Snoring is the kind of problem that can often seem more annoying than serious. As such, people who snore often may not take addressing the problem very seriously. However, chronic snoring can be more problematic for your overall wellbeing than you may realize. In some cases, the snoring may not even be the problem itself, but rather a symptom of a much more serious underlying sleep disorder. Today, we examine why your snoring may be a problem, and how we may be able to help you sleep more restfully by helping you stop snoring. (more…)

What Having TMJ Disorder Means, and How to Treat It

For many of the most common oral health concerns, such as cavities and gingivitis, the impacts they can have on your oral health are similar to the impacts they can have on others. While the specifics of your tooth decay or gum disease may differ, the condition itself follows a progressive pattern that’s common for most patients. However, TMJ disorder (or temporomandibular joint disorder) is unique in many ways, including the specific nature of the condition and how it impacts your oral health and bite function. (more…)

Things to Consider if You Grind Your Teeth a Lot

Bruxism, or constant teeth-grinding, is the kind of problem that you can know you have, and yet not realize it’s a problem. After all, most people grind their teeth occasionally, often as a nervous habit or a reaction to stress or anxiety. However, having bruxism means more than just grinding your teeth once in a while. It’s an underlying oral health condition that can force your teeth to grind against each other much more often than you may notice. Today, we examine a few things you should consider if you grind your teeth a lot, and when you should take the condition seriously enough to seek treatment for it as soon as possible. (more…)

If You’ve Never Received Veneers, but Need Them

The good news about improving your smile with cosmetic dental treatment is that, in many cases, the blemishes that affect your smile can be easily and conveniently corrected. Yet, sometimes, smile improvement can seem more complex, especially if you have several different types of tooth blemishes to deal with at once. Fortunately, porcelain veneers can often address a multitude of issues with one or more of your teeth all at once, and in a minimally invasive manner. Today, we take a look at why porcelain veneers are often recommended for improving smiles, and the advantages they can provide for both your smile’s appearance and your overall oral health. (more…)

Can Bonding a Tooth Really Fix It?

When many patients consider bonding for their tooth, it’s often out of a cosmetic need to improve the tooth’s overall appearance. With its highly customizable appearance, the composite resin that’s used for cosmetic tooth bonding can offer highly lifelike results for improving your tooth in a minimally invasive manner. However, the many different advantages that come with tooth bonding can also impact the overall health and integrity of your tooth in several beneficial ways. (more…)