Helpful Hints For Your Toothpaste Users

There are a lot of things going on in a single day’s time. If you aren’t thrilled with your toothpaste or you simply have questions about this part of your dental hygiene, it can be easy to recognize that you have an inquiry and then quickly forget all about it. For this reason, we always encourage patients to jot down questions as they occur. However, if you haven’t been keeping track of toothpaste thoughts lately, we’d still like to share some potentially helpful hints! For all other thoughts, remember to let us know what they are the next time we see you!


Dental Care: 3 Winter Mishaps To Avoid

Wintertime is a very fun and cozy time. Then again, it’s also a time when your schedule may become just a little bit erratic, and when you decide to take some trips to visit relatives and to celebrate holidays with some serious quality time. You may even catch a cold (but we certainly hope not). As a result, there are a few moments during which the frenzy of winter may backfire for your dental care. Learn all about them, so you may easily avoid them!


First Up On Your Gift List: Cosmetic Care?

If you think you’re the only person who gives yourself a gift during the winter holidays, think again! This is one of those lovely aspects of being a grownup. You can decide that you’re going to purchase a very wonderful and luxurious present for not only the other people in your life but for the person you should really love a lot: Yourself. If this is the case and you’ve put cosmetic care at the top over other presents, then we encourage you to let us know. We’ll make sure you can make good on that promise you’ve made to your smile, so you enjoy 2018 with a dazzling grin. (more…)

Avoid Holiday Dinner Emergencies

First and foremost, allow us to remind you that we offer emergency dental care for those moments when your smile needs attention and it needs it immediately. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about some of the ways you can do your best to avoid the types of accidents that will land you in our dental chair for urgent care this year! We speak, of course, specifically about protecting your oral health during holiday dinners.


The Toilet And Your Toothbrush: 2 Reasons To Beware

One thing that may never have crossed your mind when you’re thinking about ways to improve your dental hygiene experience might be: The toilet. Who cares about the toilet? This is brushing and flossing we are talking about here! Well, you may be surprised to learn that this bathroom fixture may cause some very frustrating moments and can even get in the way of you ensuring you’re using a clean, effective toothbrush. We ask you to take a look at the toilet in a way you might have never done so before! Then, of course, make any necessary changes (namely, remember to keep the lid closed).


Watch For Seeds, Pits, And More!

You might not give too much thought to the tinier details of the foods you’re consuming at every second. This is particularly true during holiday time, when you become more focused on having a nice experience. You may even find yourself eating foods that you don’t usually eat because you’re celebrating or because you’re at a party. While it’s wonderful to feel relaxed and excited about the holidays, it’s not so exciting if you end up with an unexpected oral health issue from problems like seeds or pits. Let’s discuss this detail, so you know what to check.


Just What Is A Dental Emergency?

People can use the word “emergency” in many situations. It might mean an appendix has burst, but other times it might mean a secret stash of “emergency chocolate” for the end of a long day. When speaking of a “dental emergency” that situation refers to something involving a tooth, mouth, or face, that is not life threatening, but cannot wait for a regularly scheduled appointment to be addressed. In case of a dental emergency, call your dentist right away, for advice on the proper next steps to take. (more…)

Tips: Getting Ready For Your Dental Visit

Getting ready for your dental checkup might not be something that immediately occurs to you. However, the hours leading up to your appointment may suddenly leave you with some uncertainty. Should you wear something in particular? Do we expect anything from you? Fortunately, the main thing you need to think about is simply showing up, so we may clean and check your smile. However, we think some helpful tips may offer valuable assistance!


Pumpkin Bobbing Event

It’s that time again! Time to … jump into the pool to rescue your pumpkin? Yes, if you are a member of the community, then you know that this beloved event is not as strange as it sounds! It’s a wonderful chance for your kiddos to get their creative juices flowing, to splash about with their friends, and to get excited for Halloween with our annual Pumpkin Bobbing!