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How Does Tooth Extraction Become Necessary?

Though good dental hygiene and preventive care can help most patients lower their risks of developing oral health concerns, they may still have to deal with a problem with their teeth and/or oral tissues at some point. The good news is that most types of concerns can be successfully addressed with the right restorative treatment,… Read more »

The Implications of Needing Root Canal Treatment

The fact that your dentist recommends root canal treatment to save your tooth may seem like all you need to know about the condition. If you undergo treatment as soon as possible, then it may be all you need to know, along with how to care for and preserve your tooth and smile in the… Read more »

How Much Tooth Decay Can a Filling Treat?

Treating tooth decay is one of the most frequent reasons for people to need restorative dental treatment. The concerning about this is that it means a majority of people will have to deal with it at some point in their lives, if they haven’t already. However, the good news is that it means more people… Read more »

Considering Your Need for Tooth Extraction Carefully

Extracting troublesome teeth used to be a more commonly recommended practice. However, as dental care has advanced over the centuries, it’s become much more convenient and affordable for people to restore teeth that are compromised and avoid losing their natural teeth. Yet, in some severe cases, there are still circumstances that can make extracting a… Read more »

Saving a Tooth with an Infected Root Canal

In essence, the point of most restorative dental treatments is to save your healthy, natural teeth. Conditions that often require restorative treatment, such as damage to your tooth structure or the formation of tooth decay, can become increasingly worse over time, leading to the loss of more tooth structure or, in severe cases, the entire… Read more »

Have Dentures Changed Over the Years?

Many modern dental treatments have advanced so significantly over the years that they’re largely different from their predecessors. For example, tooth fillings today are often made from materials that blend in with your teeth and bond to them better than the metal fillings of previous years. However, some treatment options are so effective that they’ve… Read more »

A Few Important Notes About Modern Dental Bridges

For patients who’ve experienced tooth loss, the most important step in addressing it is choosing the right restoration to replace their lost tooth or teeth. For people who’ve lost a single tooth, or multiple teeth that are adjacent to each other, a custom-designed dental bridge is often the preferable solution for addressing it. Dental bridges… Read more »

What the Right Dental Crown Can Do for You

There are many different reasons why dental crowns have been around for so long, and why they’ve helped so many different people save their smiles from different levels of tooth damage. One of these reasons is the highly effective design and purpose of a dental crown. Made to completely cap your tooth’s structure, a dental… Read more »

How Does a Filling Restore a Tooth?

The bad thing about cavities is that, despite being highly preventable, they can also develop much easier and faster than you might realize. This is partly what makes tooth decay (the cause behind cavities) the most common chronic concern for people’s smile. However, the good news is that cavities progress, meaning they’re still relatively minor… Read more »