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Tooth Fillings: A Quick Refresher

If you have good genes and excellent brushing and flossing habits you might not have to think too often about tooth colored fillings in Conroe, TX. All the more reason for this quick refresher of tooth fillings and what they can mean for your smile, your pocketbook and your overall health. Tooth fillings are the… Read more »

Fillings: No Need To Stress About Them!

Oh, no! You learn that you have a cavity and immediately, instead of feeling so relieved that there’s a way to fix it (enter: the tooth-colored dental filling), you begin to stress about requiring restorative care. Of course, our Conroe, TX team understands that what you really want is to never develop a single problem… Read more »

Things You Don’t Realize Are Making Decay More Likely

There are some things you already realize about tooth decay. For instance, you know that if you’re eating tons of candy throughout the day, you’re more likely to develop cavities. You know that if you’re skipping brushing sessions, decay has a greater chance of affecting you. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a full… Read more »

3 Great Things About Tooth-Colored Fillings

We get it…it’s a little hard to think of good things about getting a tooth filled. But compared to to ignoring a cavity (as it grows larger), visiting your dentist in Conroe, TX for a tooth colored filling is an excellent step to solving the problem, and saving the tooth from further decay, and possibly… Read more »

What To Do With All Of That Smile Guilt

There’s nothing quite like guilt about your smile care to make you do exactly the opposite of what your smile needs in order to be healthier, prettier, etc. Guilt often causes you to feel the need to run further from your responsibilities, to hide out, and to “save face” by doing so. Unfortunately, the longer… Read more »