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When Root Canal Therapy Preserves Your Smile

conroe root canal therapy

When a tooth develops a cavity, we typically offer relief with a dental filling. But what if you have a more severe case of tooth decay, or the tooth has become infected? To bring relief from discomfort and avoid the risk of tooth loss, you may need an endodontic procedure. In today’s blog, your Conroe,… Read more »

Custom Restorations Improve Your Smile

conroe restorative dental care

When you come to us with a damaged tooth, or a severe case of tooth decay, then you need a restoration to offer improvement for the health, function, and even the appearance of the smile. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX, dentist talks about how we design and create a variety of custom dental restorations.

Treating Decay Early With A Filling

Set of teeth damaged by decay, cracks and chips. Tooth and ename

Starting preventive care early in life has a number of benefits. Not only is dental prevention the name of the game when it comes to caring for your smile, but starting early allows you to perfect your routine and establish excellent habits sooner in the process. Though dental prevention should always be a top priority,… Read more »

Have A Troubling Cavity? We Can Help!


You should be able to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, and having a lovely smile contributes to this feeling. Indeed, we as a society tend to place a heavy emphasis on how our grins appear, and while stains and other blemishes might occur naturally, cosmetic treatment can help attend to these concerns…. Read more »

Prosthetic Options For Varying Degrees Of Loss

Dental crown and prosthesis for total gluing and install the patient after surgery, implant

It goes without saying that your smile is one of your greatest assets. Not only does it help you accomplish a host of routine tasks – from biting and chewing to eating – but it can also communicate a great deal about you and your personality. Indeed, we as a society tend to place a… Read more »

Prioritizing Smile Health With Fillings

European young woman smiling while looking at mirror in dental clinic

From a young age, we have learned about the importance of taking care of our smiles. We have learned that there are several threats and sources of concern out there that can negatively influence our oral health status, and sometimes, these issues can arise and complicate matters without our even knowing! To combat these issues,… Read more »

Better Oral Health With Custom Crowns

When you have a cracked or chipped tooth, or one with advanced tooth decay and infection, then our team can help with a custom-made dental restoration. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX, dentist talks about how we repair smiles and offer lifelike results. A dental crown could mean optimal oral health!

Treatment For Unruly Cavities


Whether you are aware of it or not, your smile is never truly safe from the threat of damage or harm. Indeed, there are several factors present on a regular basis that can influence your oral health, and unfortunately, not nearly as many natural defenses on your side. As such, it is important to take… Read more »

Addressing Cavities With In-Office Care

germ infected tooth

Ensuring your smile is in the best possible health is a necessary part of maintaining a lifelong grin. After all, there are several factors out there that can pose a negative threat to your teeth, and some extend further than just the surface level. Although we have a few natural defenses on our side in… Read more »