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What Does Root Canal Treatment Do for Your Tooth?

Much like the state of your tooth infection, treatment for tooth decay scales up as the condition grows more serious. What might only be a cavity at one point can quickly become a much more severe form of tooth infection, affecting the tissues inside of the tooth’s inner chamber and root canal. When this occurs,… Read more »

Times When Your Tooth Needs a Dental Crown

Many people recognize dental crowns as a way to completely restore a tooth. When a crown is placed over the tooth, it caps it entirely, shielding it from the pressures of biting and chewing, and protecting it from sustaining any further damage. However, that level of restoration isn’t always necessary to repair a tooth, and… Read more »

What Treating Tooth Decay Really Means

When it comes to your dental health, prevention can mean a lot of things. Every day, you should prevent the buildup of dental plaque by brushing at least twice and flossing at least once. Every six months or so, you should prevent any lingering tartar buildup from remaining too long by attending a professional dental… Read more »

The Facts About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

At the Dental Centre of Conroe, we understand that tooth extraction can be a daunting idea. While you should never resign yourself to living with any teeth that cause you pain and might possibly need extraction or other forms of restorative dentistry, there is a set of teeth that, in most people’s mouths, are extracted… Read more »

Worry-Free Dental Fillings

Getting a filling may not sound like the most fun dental procedure, but, if you have cavities, it is imperative that you take care of them and get them filled as soon as possible to avoid needing more intense restorative care, such as a crown or tooth extraction, further down the line. At the Dental… Read more »

How Does A Root Canal Save An Infected Tooth?

When a tooth becomes infected, treatment is crucial for avoiding the loss of the tooth or the spread of infection to the surrounding teeth or the jawbone itself. In order to correct this issue and return your smile to optimal health and beauty, then your Conroe, TX, dentist may suggest a root canal procedure. What… Read more »

Good News for People Who Need Dentures!

The reason behind needing dentures isn’t always considered good news. Dentures are meant to replace an entire ridge of teeth with highly lifelike replacements, so needing one means that you’ve lost a significant amount of your healthy, natural teeth. There is good news, however, in the fact that today’s lifelike dental prostheses can be designed… Read more »

Treating Tooth Loss With Dental Bridges

When we lose one or more teeth, this could mean the onset of misalignment and other complications. In order to restore your missing teeth and ensure you enjoy a beautiful smile, your Conroe, TX, dentist may suggest a dental bridge. Find out how we create and place this unique and custom dental prosthetic in today’s… Read more »

Can You Still Save Your Fractured Tooth?

The most concerning thing about tooth damage is that your teeth don’t heal themselves. Unlike a cut on your skin, a crack or fracture in your tooth won’t close itself and heal over time, nor will your tooth regain its strength all by itself. Fortunately, you may still be able to save a fractured tooth… Read more »

Treating Tooth Decay, from Minor to Severe

Some of the most common threats to your oral health stem from the oral bacteria that naturally inhabit your mouth. For example, tooth decay – the most common chronic dental condition – is the result of harmful bacteria eroding your tooth enamel and infecting your healthy tooth structure. As the cause behind cavities and more… Read more »