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Quiz: Are You A Root Canal Therapy Whiz?

Do you consider yourself someone who knows all about the details associated with root canal therapy? Or, do you think perhaps you are a bit of a novice since you know just a little bit about this restorative treatment? We always suggest getting to know more about dental services, so you know just what to expect –… Read more »

Complications Of Tooth Loss

We often find that patients become conflicted when they suffer from tooth loss. They know that they would prefer to enjoy a mouth full of teeth but they commonly begin to wonder whether replacing teeth is worth the effort or the investment, or if there’s anything wrong with an open space or two. Some even… Read more »

Do You Need A Dental Filling?

You know that we suggest a dental filling to address tooth decay. However, trying to figure out on your own whether you require this or another restorative treatment is typically impossible. To begin, determining whether you need a filling requires you to schedule a visit to our office, so we can examine your tooth. Not… Read more »

Q&A About Restorative Dentistry

When it comes to protecting your smile, sometimes even your best efforts in prevention can leave you feeling a bit disappointed. For instance, a patient who brushes and flosses with exceptional dedication may still suffer from a broken tooth by biting down on very hard food at just the right angle. So, even if you’ve… Read more »

You May Need An Extraction If…

One of the last things patients like hearing is that they need tooth removal. However, if you know why we suggest dental extractions, you will not bat an eye at this recommendation. Why? Well, for starters, we only make this conservative decision when other restorative services can no longer make the necessary repair. Beyond its usual status as… Read more »

How To Avoid Root Canal Therapy

If your dental pulp is infected, you will find yourself relieved and happy to find out root canal therapy will rescue your tooth and prevent the need for a dental extraction. You will likely also feel overjoyed that treatment is completely comfortable. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t think of a million things you’d rather… Read more »

Dental Crown Benefits

You may have a pretty good understanding of what you can expect from a dental crown. To begin, you know that a crown is a prosthetic – or artificial – tooth that has a hollow-body construction. It is crafted to look just like a natural tooth, fitting the dimensions and color of your smile. And, of… Read more »

What To Do About Tooth Decay

Unfortunately, most people will have to deal with tooth decay at least one time in the course of their lives. Don’t despair – there’s good news to follow: You have options for keeping your teeth nice and clean, so you can avoid decay. We also make available a variety of services to ensure we detect your… Read more »

Extractions: About Your Comfort

While certain restorative treatments may not cause you to think twice (for instance, fillings or root canal treatment) the idea of a dental extraction may cause you to worry about your comfort. Before you find yourself hesitating to schedule your visit or allowing yourself to feel concerned, we would like you to recognize a single… Read more »

What to Expect: Root Canal Therapy

Concerned about root canal therapy because you have heard a wide variety of rumors and stories from friends? The great news is that you have absolutely nothing to worry about (except maybe that some of your friends have been making up little white lies!). Fortunately, root canals provide patients with an extraordinarily convenient, effective way… Read more »