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Is Your Dental Hygiene Routine Missing Anything?

These days, choosing the right dental hygiene products from entire aisles full of different options can seem impossible. The good news is that, in most cases, the difference between them boils down to personal preferences, unless you experience difficulties with motion and require products like electrical toothbrushes. While many hygiene products may be the same,… Read more »

A Few Notes About Chronic Bruxism

Under normal conditions, your teeth rely on each other for support, and to help promote healthy, proper bite function. However, bruxism (or chronic teeth-grinding) can turn your teeth against each other, literally. When you constantly grind your teeth together, the immense amount of pressure and friction that your bite generates can cause significant harm. Today,… Read more »

How Well Do You Take Care of Your Teeth?

The main purpose of a good hygiene routine is to take care of your teeth. By cleaning them consistently, you help protect them from the harm that oral bacteria and food particles could do. However, your teeth can be threatened by more than just oral bacteria, and taking good care of your teeth means more… Read more »

A Healthy Mouth Helps A Healthy Body

As we spoke about last week, oral health issues can affect your overall health in extremely negative ways. However, in this time of concern for our physical health, we at the Dental Centre of Conroe saw fit to write about ways that you can keep your smile healthy in order to keep your risk of… Read more »

3 Women Who Made Dental History

We are now more than a week into March, which is also National Women’s History Month, making it a great time to discuss some of the influential women who have made dental history. While there are too many impactful women to mention them all, in today’s blog, your Conroe, TX, dentist will share the stories… Read more »

5 Signs That You Need To Visit Your Dentist

Whether you are diligent about attending dentist appointments every six months as recommended by the American Dental Association, or you need a little more prodding to tend to your dental hygiene in an office, there are always signs to be watching for that necessitate a visit. At the Dental Centre of Conroe, we offer consultations… Read more »

Care For Your Smile With Better Brushing Habits

Whether you are a pro at oral hygiene who takes care to brush and floss every day or you have a more relaxed approach to your oral health, there are always going to be things that everyone can do to improve their hygiene habits. So, in today’s blog, your Conroe, TX, dentist will give some… Read more »

A Comfortable Dental Office Atmosphere

At the Dental Centre of Conroe, Dr. Richards and his team recognize that going to the dentist may not be your favorite activity. While the negative reputation dentists have received due to unattractive media portrayals is largely undeserved, we know that you may still have very real worries when needing to attend a dentist visit…. Read more »

Anxious About the Dentist?

Going to the dentist is often depicted in the media as a frightening ordeal, depicting dentists as villains who use scary, painful tools. Though these portrayals are undeserved, they’ve still impacted how society views dentistry. At the Dental Centre of Conroe, we understand that many people suffer from dental-related anxiety and take steps to alleviate… Read more »

Halloween: Smile Care? Or Smile Scare?

How’s your Halloween going to go this year, our Conroe, TX team wonders? Are you completely ready to ensure you’ve got your smile in the best possible condition, that you’re going to take the necessary (yet simple) steps to keep it that way, and as a result … you can just enjoy yourself? Or, are… Read more »