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Water: The Stuff It Does For Your Smile

One of those tips you always hear mentioned in terms of protecting your oral health? Remember to rinse your smile with water. Of course, drinking it counts, too, assuming you take a moment to let it flush through your mouth (or you swish). So, why is there this ever-mentioned recommendation to flood that lovely smile… Read more »

Things To Remember About Social Media And Smiles! 

At one time, social media didn’t exist! Instead, you might have compared your smile to advertisements in magazines or to the celebrities you might see on TV or the big screen. Today, however? We are all exposed to a seemingly never-ending stream of photos! Some from people we know, some from celebrities, and even some… Read more »

Tips For Your Smile’s Shopping List!

Yes, of course, you probably have a grocery list going that’s for you (and your kids and partner, too, if you have a family!). However, what you may not realize is that it would definitely benefit you to have a list that’s specifically for your smile care, too! If you already have one going, then… Read more »

Your Smile: Addressing The Little Things

There are some really big concerns that can affect your smile, for which you have absolutely no hesitation scheduling smile care with our practice! From a severe toothache to a cracked tooth or a glaring stain, these are the types of things that you consider monumental, so there’s no doubt as to their need or… Read more »

Care For Your Tongue, Too, Please!

Yep, it’s true. You are supposed to be caring for your tongue, along with the other tissues in your mouth, such as your teeth and gums. This might be a foreign concept to you or … it might be something you know about but that you just ignore either because you need more information or… Read more »