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Anxious About the Dentist?

Going to the dentist is often depicted in the media as a frightening ordeal, depicting dentists as villains who use scary, painful tools. Though these portrayals are undeserved, they’ve still impacted how society views dentistry. At the Dental Centre of Conroe, we understand that many people suffer from dental-related anxiety and take steps to alleviate… Read more »

Halloween: Smile Care? Or Smile Scare?

How’s your Halloween going to go this year, our Conroe, TX team wonders? Are you completely ready to ensure you’ve got your smile in the best possible condition, that you’re going to take the necessary (yet simple) steps to keep it that way, and as a result … you can just enjoy yourself? Or, are… Read more »

The Very Fun Side Of Smile Care

There are things that you have to do in terms of your smile, in order to keep it safe and lovely. There are, of course, ways to make essential aspects of oral health protection fun, too! However, if you’ve been feeling bogged down lately with your teeth and gums, then you may be feeling like… Read more »

Save Your Lips This Winter: Start This Fall!

What you want throughout the winter season is to ensure your lips feel nice and comfortable. You don’t want to deal with the cracking, crinkling, sandpaper-y, splitting, uncomfortable sensations that come with colder, drier weather! You also don’t really want to have to go through what you’ve been through before, which is trying to fix… Read more »

Stop, Skip, Or Swish: Soda Damage Avoidance! 

If you’re someone who drinks soda, that means that at some point, you’re sipping on this very acidic beverage, which can lead to serious consequences for your smile! It can damage your oral health, as the acids slowly wear down your enamel (you will hear this referred to as acid erosion). It can promote additional… Read more »

Oral Health Mistake? Or Stepping Stone? 

Sure, you can look at problems, issues, and sudden shifts that occur as mistakes, which lead to issues for your oral health. Then again, you can instead change your outlook and decide that you’re going to be proactive and look at such moments in your smile’s life as stepping stones. Why bother to take the… Read more »

Hurt That Should Not Happen With Your Smile

When you describe how your oral health is doing, when you reflect on your dental hygiene, and when you think back through your day, one adjective that should not come up in regard to your smile? The word “hurt.” Nothing should feel uncomfortable, painful, sore, tender, or anything else that denotes a less than comfortable… Read more »