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Smile! A Healthy Mouth Makes for a Healthy Mind

For someone who is missing one or more teeth, even the most casual social encounter is sufficient to spark self-consciousness and feelings of anxiety. No secrets there. What few people realize, however, is that having teeth that are missing or badly damaged can also have an adverse effect on a person’s quality of life and… Read more »

How Does a Vegetarian Diet Affect Oral Health?

Concerns about the harmful effects of cholesterol and fatty foods lead many Americans to turn toward vegetarianism in their efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s true that adopting this kind of diet has proven benefits, but it is also important to understand how a vegetarian diet might impact your oral health. This is true… Read more »

Cavities for Christmas: Healthy Teeth Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of togetherness and gratitude, but it can be pretty rough on your oral health. Between stress and the ubiquitous holiday dessert platters, your teeth are subjected to an increased risk of developing cavities, as well as threats in the form of periodontal disease and other consequences of poor oral… Read more »

Dentistry Gets Dreamy: An Overview of Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist sure isn’t what it used to be. Years ago, a dental exam had unpleasant connotations. Fortunately, modern dentistry has much to offer the equally modern patient. One such benefit, sedation dentistry, affords a convenience and comfort not usually experienced in traditional dental offices. Understanding the advantages of sedation dentistry is essential… Read more »

Say “Yes” to Tooth-Colored Fillings

Your teeth are composed of translucent tissue layers, which is why a metal filling can cause a tooth to appear dark. Fortunately, with tooth-colored fillings, your tooth continues to look just like it did before your cavity. Wondering what else makes this restorative treatment so fantastic? Consider three reasons to say, “yes.”

Should Mouthwash Remain a Part of your Dental Care?

The basics of oral hygiene have stood the test of recent time. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is the minimum recommendation. Add in an antibacterial mouthrinse, a healthy low-sugar diet, and biannual checkups and cleanings and you’re on your way to the best possible dental health you can have. Regarding mouthwash… Read more »

A Mother’s Influence on her Child’s Dental Health

Most mothers obviously play a central role in the well-being of their children. They selflessly provide love and care. When it comes to dental care, moms of children play an influential part in determining their child’s oral health for the rest of their lives. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards, reviews what is already known… Read more »

When is the Best Time to Brush your Teeth?

You probably know that you should brush your teeth twice a day. Dentists are backed up on this advice by the American Dental Association (ADA). While the general oral hygiene challenges people face revolve around not brushing and flossing enough, there are some people who take brushing their teeth to the extreme. In fact, you… Read more »

Can Molecular Manipulation Stop Severe Gum Disease?

Periodontitis is the clinical term for severe gum disease which affects almost 50% of the adult population in America. This gum tissue inflammation, combined with periodontal pockets, can lead to tooth and jawbone density loss. There are many studies that point to periodontitis having a systemic impact on overall health, as well. Conroe dentist, Dr…. Read more »