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Toothpaste Quiz: Are You Using The Right Amount?

Whether you’ve been brushing your teeth for 20 years or 80 years, the question of how much toothpaste to use during dental hygiene sessions is something that may continue to escape you. Or, of course, you may be doing just what we would suggest, which is certainly worthy of our applause! To discover whether you’re… Read more »

Bruxism: Common Symptoms

Do you know whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are related to bruxism disorder? If you don’t already know, bruxism is a functional issue that causes you to grind your teeth (or to clench your teeth) chronically. You may do it during the day without realizing it or in your sleep. As a result, you may… Read more »

Swallowing Toothpaste (And Other Scary Stories)

You may find yourself faced with a sudden minor mishap that you absolutely never intended. When this happens, you may then discover you’re far too embarrassed to ask questions, so you spend a lot of time crossing your fingers and hoping that some sort of consequence never shows! When it comes to common issues like swallowing toothpaste… Read more »

2017: Things To Test Out

Along with the New Year comes a feeling of the full potential of your fresh, clean slate! What improvements, fun times, and new adventures are on the horizon? Well, when it comes to your oral health, we recommend that you try some things out. From making your dental care easier to manage to actually testing… Read more »

Quiz: When You’re Expecting A Baby

When you are expecting, you may think you just need to continue doing what you’ve always done for your oral health. However, then you realize you also have your baby’s developing smile to consider. Then, of course, someone mentions to you that pregnancy really took a toll on her gum health and you realize you… Read more »

Oral Cancer: Things You Should Know

When it comes to talking with you about oral cancer, our goal is to have you feeling as informed as possible. We know that covering the statistics and details is not necessarily a topic you want to spend time focusing on because it’s quite a serious disease (and more common than most patients realize). However, it’s… Read more »

Dental Anxiety: The 5 W’s

Even if you are a patient who wants to schedule all of the visits you need and want, from preventive and restorative treatments to the cosmetic services that will make your smile that much prettier, something might be holding you back. Like many patients, you may be facing dental anxiety. Unfortunately, though you might think… Read more »

Quiz: Are You Making The Most Of Dental Care?

Do you know whether you’re making the most of your dental care? Are you under the impression that you’re taking advantage of the treatments we offer and doing a pretty good job with your own efforts at home? Perhaps you assume you couldn’t expect any more but the reality is just the opposite: It’s entirely… Read more »