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Signs that Your Dental Hygiene Isn’t as Good as You Think

After spending so many years brushing and flossing your teeth every day and not developing a dental health concern, it’s easy to believe that your dental hygiene routine is as good as it can be. Because of this, many people are surprised when their dentists tell them that this isn’t exactly true, and that something… Read more »

Things You Can Avoid with Better Dental Hygiene

When your dental hygiene routine becomes less effective, it isn’t always something you notice right away. You might become less diligent when brushing and flossing your teeth, making it more likely that you’ll skip spots of plaque on your teeth. Or, you might start scrubbing too harshly in a rush to get it done and… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Really as Clean as You Think?

While good dental hygiene and continuously healthy teeth can sometimes be more complex than you expect, the general rule is to keep your teeth as clean as possible, for as long as possible. That’s because the microbes the dirty their surface every day – the bacteria that make up dental plaque – can pose a… Read more »

3 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Clean All Day

Of all the different dental hygiene tips you can use to make your daily routine better, all can be boiled down to four simple words: keep your teeth clean. Their biggest threats are the oral bacteria that form plaque on their surfaces every day, and the only way to protect your teeth is to consistently… Read more »

How to Make Healthy Teeth Stronger

The fact that healthy teeth are the strongest parts of the human body can sometimes trick people into believing their teeth are almost invulnerable. Knowing how strong they are can make things like dental hygiene less important, for example, or make it seem like no big deal if you skip a dental checkup and cleaning… Read more »

A Refresher Course on Good Dental Hygiene

After years of doing it every day, the routine that goes into brushing and flossing your teeth can seem like second-nature. However, despite most people sticking to the dental hygiene practices that they learned early in life, issues like tooth decay and gum disease – which largely stem from inadequate dental hygiene – are still… Read more »

Smile Protection: Don’t Go “Nuts” This Holiday! 

One thing that would be absolutely lovely as the weather gets even chillier and the holidays get even closer? Just letting loose and completely frolicking through this merry season without a care in the world! We know. It’s quite a dreamy, wonderful thought. Unfortunately, it’s just not realistic! The good news, though, is that you… Read more »

Easy Tips For An Even Healthier Smile

There are some easy ways to get your smile to the very healthy level you’re envisioning for yourself. When you follow these suggestions, our Conroe, TX team is happy to report that you can use the very same tips for keeping your smile nice and healthy. Feeling ready to infuse your brain with brand new… Read more »

Computer Use: 3 Negative Smile Side Effects

Of course, we all love some serious time spent on the computer, whether just surfing the web for something interesting, delving into a particular topic, checking email, watching a movie, or anything else! Then, there are many individuals whose work is spent at the computer, either for a career, a hobby, art, writing, and the… Read more »