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Smile Protection: Don’t Go “Nuts” This Holiday! 

One thing that would be absolutely lovely as the weather gets even chillier and the holidays get even closer? Just letting loose and completely frolicking through this merry season without a care in the world! We know. It’s quite a dreamy, wonderful thought. Unfortunately, it’s just not realistic! The good news, though, is that you… Read more »

Easy Tips For An Even Healthier Smile

There are some easy ways to get your smile to the very healthy level you’re envisioning for yourself. When you follow these suggestions, our Conroe, TX team is happy to report that you can use the very same tips for keeping your smile nice and healthy. Feeling ready to infuse your brain with brand new… Read more »

Computer Use: 3 Negative Smile Side Effects

Of course, we all love some serious time spent on the computer, whether just surfing the web for something interesting, delving into a particular topic, checking email, watching a movie, or anything else! Then, there are many individuals whose work is spent at the computer, either for a career, a hobby, art, writing, and the… Read more »

When Your Teeth Feel Tired

Do you feel a little strange admitting it and saying it aloud but … your teeth feel tired? Or, at least, this is the best way you can think of to describe the sensations you’re experiencing when it comes to your oral health? If so, then as with any noticeable shift, our Conroe, TX team… Read more »

Save Your Lips This Winter: Start This Fall!

What you want throughout the winter season is to ensure your lips feel nice and comfortable. You don’t want to deal with the cracking, crinkling, sandpaper-y, splitting, uncomfortable sensations that come with colder, drier weather! You also don’t really want to have to go through what you’ve been through before, which is trying to fix… Read more »

Stop, Skip, Or Swish: Soda Damage Avoidance! 

If you’re someone who drinks soda, that means that at some point, you’re sipping on this very acidic beverage, which can lead to serious consequences for your smile! It can damage your oral health, as the acids slowly wear down your enamel (you will hear this referred to as acid erosion). It can promote additional… Read more »