Let’s Revisit Your Preventive Dental Routine

ConroeYour smile’s health is affected by a host of concerns throughout the course of your lifetime, and these issues simply do not stop on their own. Indeed, what begins as minor infections may develop into even greater concerns down the line, costing you a tooth or two in the process. Although you may feel as though you are doing what you can to keep your pearly whites safe, it does not hurt to revisit your routine and check for potential areas of improvement. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist takes a look at ways you can improve your preventive dental routine, and how in-office visits can help.

Three Steps to Take at Home

From a young age, your parents or guardians likely enforced a rule that you had to brush your teeth in the morning after you woke up and right before you went to bed. While at the time it may have seemed as though it was nothing more than a ploy by adults to make you do stuff you did not want to do, in reality, it helped lay the foundation of oral care.

The problem arises, however, in that we can become so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we can start to slack on our preventive dental routine. Moreover, most individuals do not even practice a complete routine, placing their smiles at a disadvantage. Fortunately, our team is prepared to help.

At its core, a well-rounded preventive dental routine should consist of brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing between meals, and of course, swishing and spitting using antiseptic mouthwash. To learn more about this process and what it may look like, give our team a call today.

A Need for In-Office Checkups

Though you may be taking strides to practice a well-rounded routine at home, keep in mind that no routine is complete without attending your regularly-scheduled checkup and cleaning appointments.

During your checkup, our team will take care to provide a thorough examination of all of your oral structures for any signs of infection, disease, trauma, or damage. Following this, we will provide a gentle cleaning to help remove difficult deposits of plaque or tartar that regular brushing alone cannot get. Contact our team to learn more today.

Your Diet’s Role in the Process

Many patients believe that their preventive practices stop at in-office and at-home care, but in reality, it extends further past that. For instance, your diet plays an important role in your smile’s health, as certain foods place your grin more at risk than others. Take care to limit your sugar intake and provide regular prevention to keep your smile healthy.

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