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When The Answer Is: Brush And Floss!

Sometimes, when you need our Conroe, TX team’s help, it’s for something that requires a detailed diagnosis, carefully crafted dental care plan, and a conversation! While this is a wonderful solution to have at our disposal when the moment calls for it, we remind you that in other cases, all you need is a very… Read more »

Water: The Stuff It Does For Your Smile

One of those tips you always hear mentioned in terms of protecting your oral health? Remember to rinse your smile with water. Of course, drinking it counts, too, assuming you take a moment to let it flush through your mouth (or you swish). So, why is there this ever-mentioned recommendation to flood that lovely smile… Read more »

Tips For Your Smile’s Shopping List!

Yes, of course, you probably have a grocery list going that’s for you (and your kids and partner, too, if you have a family!). However, what you may not realize is that it would definitely benefit you to have a list that’s specifically for your smile care, too! If you already have one going, then… Read more »

Smile Sensitivity You’re Causing On Your Own

When you’re struggling with smile sensitivity, you may wonder to yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” as you imagine some sort of outside force causing your pain. However, what you may be overlooking is that you may be the source of this problem! Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re doing it intentionally. With that… Read more »

Common Sports Mishaps: Keep That Smile Safe!

Are you someone who loves to be active? Perhaps you or your family members like to exercise, ride bikes, roller blade, take part in organized sports, or even neighborhood activities! Whatever the case, as much as being active is an extremely important part of your overall health, we remind you that if you’re not careful,… Read more »