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Different Kinds of Problems a Dental Crown Can Solve

One of the biggest reasons why dental crowns have been around for so long is because they’re highly effective. That’s especially important given the fact that their purpose is to restore and save teeth that have become compromised in different ways. Today, modern dental crowns can address a wider variety of concerns than ever, thanks… Read more »

Why Fixing a Cracked Tooth Quickly Is Important

If your tooth becomes cracked or fractured, then it may obvious that fixing it is important. It won’t get better or heal over time, and under most circumstances, the discomfort and damage will continue to grow worse. However, it can take time before you begin to notice the signs of more severe tooth damage, and… Read more »

How to Restore a Severely Damaged Tooth in One Day

Using technology to customize and enhance modern treatment options is an important part of modern dentistry. For example, the use of solutions like digital imaging and onsite CAD/CAM technologies have helped vastly improve the results and procedures of many traditional dental treatments, such as the placement of a custom-designed dental crown. Our advanced CEREC same-day… Read more »

What Modern Dental Crowns Actually Do for Teeth

You may never need a dental crown placed over a tooth, but for patients who do receive one, the advantages of today’s advanced restorations can be more significant than they realize. A dental crown is one of the oldest solutions for restoring teeth, though today, the restorations are more lifelike and durable than ever before…. Read more »

Getting A Custom Dental Crown Is Simple!

When you lose part of your tooth to decay or a dental emergency like a break or chip, you may be worried that you will lose your whole tooth. At the Dental Centre of Conroe, we don’t want you to despair in these situations, as we offer an option to preserve what remains of your… Read more »

I Broke a Tooth! Can I Come in Today?

Having dental emergency, like breaking a tooth, can be a scary experience. Luckily, with the help of advanced technology, your Conroe, TX dentist is prepared to provide you with emergency dentistry and a dental crown that can allow you to bounce back in as little as one day!

The Many Problems Of A Broken Tooth 

You probably realize in a very basic way that a broken tooth is bad, particularly when compared with a tooth that is whole. However, as for the ramifications in terms of what that means for the future of the tooth itself and for the future of your oral health both immediately and in the long… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers Versus Crowns: What’s What?

You may think you’ve got the world of dental care all sorted out and neatly categorized in your brain. That is, until you start thinking about porcelain veneers versus porcelain crowns and you realize you cannot quite fully distinguish one from the other. Then again, you start to realize there may be some overlap between… Read more »

Fillings: No Need To Stress About Them!

Oh, no! You learn that you have a cavity and immediately, instead of feeling so relieved that there’s a way to fix it (enter: the tooth-colored dental filling), you begin to stress about requiring restorative care. Of course, our Conroe, TX team understands that what you really want is to never develop a single problem… Read more »