Treating Various Concerns With Crowns

Happy healthy and strong tooth with gold crown and red sneakers. Vector illustration on a blue background. Concept of children's dentistry. Excellent dental card. Cute character. Caries prevention.When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile for life, dental prevention is the name of the game. In fact, preventive practices are the only ones that aim to prevent bacteria and other concerns from taking hold of your smile, to begin with. Unfortunately, there are a handful of conditions or situations that can arise that preventive care is no match for. In instances such as these, your dentist may recommend restorative care such as a filling to treat a cavity. But what exactly are your other options? In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist explores the many benefits of dental crown restorations, as well as how their versatility can benefit you.

What are Dental Crowns?

While dental prevention may be essential for a lifelong smile, most of us would be nowhere good without the help of restorative dentistry. Indeed, dental restorations consist of any treatment provided to either mitigate the spread of an infection, prevent more damage from occurring to a tooth or structure, or to help reinforce a structure’s strength. What’s more? Dental restorations exist on a spectrum in order to help address a patient’s very specific needs.

Among the many treatment options out there, however, none are more versatile than that of crown restorations. You see, a dental crown consists of a tooth-colored cap that fits snugly over an intended structure. To place them, our team will begin by obtaining necessary measurements so as to provide an air-tight seal that keeps bacteria and other microorganisms out.

Though fillings and root canals may be essential to remove an infection, a crown can be utilized as well to encourage necessary healing and support. To learn more about this process, give our team a call today.

A Versatile Option

Though there are several restorative treatments that can be used to address a host of needs, none are more versatile than a dental crown. You see, a cap can be used to prevent bacteria from entering the infected structure through an air-tight seal. What’s more? It can also prevent an already-existing infection from reaching out to other teeth.

Another major role of a dental crown might be to promote proper healing. Following a root canal procedure, your tooth will need to be protected during the healing process. A crown can help by – you guessed it – creating an air-tight seal to keep bacteria out. Additionally, this restoration can provide additional structural support. Give our team a call to learn more.

Enjoying a Lifelike Finish

If the restorative benefits of crowns are not enough, then you will be sold when you learn about the major cosmetic benefits! Indeed, crowns are created to closely mimic your natural smile so as to provide a virtually seamless finish.

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