Protecting Your Teeth With Dental Crowns

Tooth with crown isolated on orange backgroundWhether you are aware or not, your smile is constantly working to fight off dangerous infections, bacteria, and diseases. Indeed, from the moment you are born and all the way into late adulthood, these threats persist, and unfortunately, they never truly let up. As a result, it is important to maintain a well-rounded at-home routine so as to provide your smile with the best chances of success. Sometimes, however, we need additional support from restorative dentistry. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist takes a look at the need for restorative dentistry, and how dental crowns offer versatility in terms of treatment.

The Need for Restorations

It goes without saying that a strong preventive dental routine is the crux of a healthy smile. After all, taking strides to brush twice a day, floss between meals, learn about the ways certain foods and substances interact with your smile and attending routine checkups pretty much covers the many aspects to consider about oral health.

Bear in mind, however, that it only takes falling short in this routine once before a dangerous threat such as bacteria, infection, and disease set in. In times such as these, your smile could benefit from the help of restorative treatment.

Restorative dentistry is the process of mitigating damage caused by infection, removing the source of the infection, and reinforcing a structure so as to provide adequate strength as it heals. Further, dental restorations provide a second chance for compromised structures. There are a number of different procedures that can be used to address your concern, but none are as versatile as a dental crown. Contact our team today to learn more about this process.

Providing Effective Protection

One of the major roles a dental crown fulfills is providing the protection necessary to fend off various threats. Indeed, a crown restoration consists of a hollow cap that is placed on top of a tooth, then shaped to fit snugly around the structure without room for bacteria to infiltrate it. As such, it allows your tooth to remain strong and protected so that you can enjoy your natural smile and function as normal. For more information about this process, give our team a call today.

Allowing Your Teeth to Heal

In addition to effective protection, a dental crown is essential when it comes to healing structures. For instance, if you need a root canal procedure, your dentist will likely place a crown atop the intended tooth after treatment is complete so as to promote proper healing without fear of bacteria or other concerns complicating the matter.

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