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Important Things to Know About Tooth Loss

One of the most important things about tooth loss that everyone should know is the fact that, in most cases, it’s highly preventable. Tooth loss typically occurs from the progression of other underlying dental health issues, such as gum disease, and avoiding or treating these issues can help you prevent losing one or more teeth… Read more »

Are There Any Good Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss?

Ideally, taking good care of your smile by cleaning your teeth and gums consistently can help you prevent most of the issues that could potentially lead to tooth loss. However, many people still have to deal with tooth loss, and often, it’s for a reason that could have possibly been prevented (such as gum disease)…. Read more »

Lesser-Known Impacts of Tooth Loss

Dealing with tooth loss can seem straight-forward at times. As long as your replacement tooth or teeth are designed to closely mimic your healthy, natural ones, the restoration might seem to effectively and completely deal with your tooth loss. Or, you might not consider dealing with the loss that important. However, some of the lesser-known… Read more »

What To Do If You Lose A Tooth

For children, losing a tooth is just a part of growing up, and is nothing to be concerned about as it means their adult, permanent teeth are coming in. Unfortunately, if you lose a tooth as an adult, another tooth will not grow to take its place, and you are experiencing a dental emergency. In… Read more »

Let’s Review: What To Do When You’re Missing Teeth

When you’re missing teeth (which might mean you lost one tooth or you’re missing up to all of your teeth), there are some things you need to do in order to get back to a complete smile. Of course, the end goal is that you have replaced your teeth with prosthetic dental care you’re happy… Read more »

Beware The Dangerous Tooth Loss Rumors

When you deal with tooth loss, you will likely find yourself having conversations with people about how they handled their own missing teeth. You’ll see things online if you choose to seek out information this way (though we don’t suggest it; much of what you see is not reliable). As a result, you may come… Read more »

Tooth Loss Questions: Have You Visited Us Yet?

How is your smile doing? Do you have an open space due to tooth loss? Perhaps you’re nodding your head up and down, while thinking, “Actually, I have more than one open space.” Whatever the details include, it’s important that you realize your missing teeth present a serious risk for your oral health now and… Read more »

Your Dentures Could Be More Secure with Dental Implants

The importance of replacing lost teeth is underscored by the fact that prosthetics were among the first dental restorations ever created (in the forms of primitive crowns, bridges, and dentures).  Today, replacement teeth have become more stable and lifelike than ever before – thanks in large part to the innovation of dental implants. For instance,… Read more »

Complications Of Tooth Loss

We often find that patients become conflicted when they suffer from tooth loss. They know that they would prefer to enjoy a mouth full of teeth but they commonly begin to wonder whether replacing teeth is worth the effort or the investment, or if there’s anything wrong with an open space or two. Some even… Read more »

Dental Implant Care: A Quiz

Making the decision to address your tooth loss with dental implants is quite exciting. Not only will you be replacing the visible part of your tooth but also your roots for incredible stability. While you may feel certain about your decision and the treatment’s benefits, you may not feel quite so sure about what to… Read more »