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What Really Happens When You Lose A Tooth

For many people, experiencing tooth loss is not preferred, and steps are taken to ensure that it does not happen. When it happens, however, it can have detrimental effects to your smile and overall functionality. Because of this, it is crucial to be conscious of your diet and the foods or drinks that are ingested,… Read more »

Why Preventing Tooth Loss Is Worth It

Everyone’s smile and oral health needs are unique, which is why dental treatment is typically customized to meet each patient’s specific needs. In most cases, however, the ultimate goal of receiving quality dental care is the same – to help everyone preserve their healthy, natural smiles and avoid the loss of one or more teeth…. Read more »

When Should You Consider a Tooth Extraction?

When keeping your oral health in mind, it is important to understand what is best for your health. If you are experiencing issues such as previous restorations failing, your tooth lacking enough healthy structure, and more, there may not be as many options for correcting the situation as you might have previously thought. At The… Read more »

What to Do After You Lose a Tooth

When you experience tooth loss, it may not always be clear what to do next. In many cases, losing a tooth is the result of another underlying oral health concern reaching its severe stages, such as gum disease or tooth decay. However, just because the tooth is lost doesn’t mean it’s the end of your… Read more »

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Tooth Loss Better

Though not everyone fully realizes it, tooth loss is highly preventable. With the right care and maintenance, and with regular care from their dentists, most people have an excellent chance of avoiding the loss of an adult tooth. In fact, most dental health care treatments focus on addressing oral concerns as conservatively as possible to… Read more »

As You Wait to Replace a Lost Tooth

The urgency to replace a lost tooth isn’t always the same. For some people, the loss of a tooth doesn’t seem that severe, or it seems like something that can be addressed at some point in the future. Unfortunately, this misconception is a common reason why single tooth loss often turns into multiple or severe… Read more »

Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is So Important

Treating any dental health concern that develops is the key to minimizing the problem’s overall impact on your oral health. For example, if you develop gum disease, then treating it early will prevent it from increasing your risks of losing one or more teeth. When it comes to tooth loss, however, the potential impacts to… Read more »

The Real Reasons Behind Losing Teeth

For many different oral health concerns, tooth loss is the worst-case scenario that you should try to avoid by treating the concern early. When tooth loss does occur, however, it isn’t always something that you see coming, even if it is the result of an existing oral health issue. Today, we examine some of the… Read more »

What’s the Best Way to Deal with Your Tooth Loss?

Dealing with tooth loss can sometimes seem more complicated than dealing with other, more common oral health issues. That’s because restoring your smile means completely replacing the lost tooth rather than just restoring a damaged or compromised part of your tooth’s structure. In addition, you’ll also have to resolve the underlying problem that led to… Read more »

Know What Tooth Loss Could Really Mean

If you’ve never lost a tooth before, then experiencing tooth loss can be a devastating thing. It’s too late to save the tooth, and another won’t grow in its place, which means replacing the lost tooth is the only way to restore that part of your bite’s function. Fortunately, modern tooth replacement options are more… Read more »