What Really Happens When You Lose A Tooth

Young woman without tooth on lower jaw. Missing tooth. Waiting an implant after tooth extraction. High quality photoFor many people, experiencing tooth loss is not preferred, and steps are taken to ensure that it does not happen. When it happens, however, it can have detrimental effects to your smile and overall functionality. Because of this, it is crucial to be conscious of your diet and the foods or drinks that are ingested, practice excellent oral health habits at home, and come in routinely for your check-up or other dental procedure.  At The Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX, we recognize that everyone’s specific dental needs are unique, which is why we provide customized treatment to address your needs.

Your Bite is Affected

When tooth loss occurs, a gap is created in your smile where the oral structure once was. Not only does this affect your grin cosmetically, as a gap blemishes your beautiful appearance, but it has functional effects as well.

When a gap is present in your smile, it alters your bite by creating unevenness and causing your teeth to stress or work harder in certain areas of the mouth to make up for the lack of structure. To combat this problem, we offer custom made restorations or dental implants that can take the place of the missing tooth to ultimately complete your smile and restore your bite.

Jaw Strength and Integrity is Compromised

Every set of teeth has a set of roots that are securely embedded in the jawbone. When you lose a tooth, you are also losing the root it contains. While this may not seem like such a bad thing, the fact of the matter is that the connection between the oral structure and root work together to ensure that your teeth can bite and take on the stress needed to chew, speak, etc. When there is an absence of a root in the jaw, that section of the jaw is no longer enduring bite stress so it is no longer working hard to maintain your bite’s functionality. When this occurs, this section of the jawbone can become weak and, in some cases, even deteriorate. As a solution, dental implant posts can be inserted into the jawbone to provide an artificial root with an attached crown or restoration. By doing this, your smile’s appearance can be complete once more and its functionality can be restored.

More Room for Harmful Oral Bacteria

Oral bacteria thrive in the hard-to-reach recesses of your mouth, and a missing tooth provides the perfect place for these microorganisms to hide and grow. By addressing a missing tooth, you are essentially minimizing your chances of developing harmful diseases such as decay or periodontal disease, thus stopping the spread of harmful bacteria.

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