Complications Of Tooth Loss

womancoveringmouthwshirtWe often find that patients become conflicted when they suffer from tooth loss. They know that they would prefer to enjoy a mouth full of teeth but they commonly begin to wonder whether replacing teeth is worth the effort or the investment, or if there’s anything wrong with an open space or two. Some even feel that replacing a missing tooth is strictly a cosmetic desire, so they rationalize the problem away. We are here to let you know something very important: Choosing to ignore tooth loss can result in significant complications. Fortunately, saying yes to a tooth replacement solution will allow you to enjoy a complete smile, while avoiding tooth loss related problems.

Complication #1: Shifting Teeth

We suggest immediately considering a tooth replacement solution because otherwise, your teeth may shift. You see, the existing teeth in your smile will slowly migrate toward the opening, which can result in a dramatic change with the organization of your teeth and the appearance of your smile.

Complication #2: Jaw Deterioration

Tooth loss may result in the deterioration of your jaw, especially if you are missing many teeth. A good way to protect your jaw is by choosing dental implants as your tooth replacement solution. You see, your roots stimulate your jaw tissue. The process causes nutrients to be sent to the jawbone – as a result, it remains strong. When you no longer have roots, your body “thinks” there are no more teeth to support. An implant restores this stimulation.

Complication #3: Problems With Day-To-Day Life

Anyone in need of tooth replacement knows that eating food becomes a challenge, so your diet becomes limited. Speaking with others becomes difficult and sometimes embarrassing. Replace your teeth and your confidence and ability to enjoy life will be restored.