Treating Decay Early With A Filling

Set of teeth damaged by decay, cracks and chips. Tooth and enameStarting preventive care early in life has a number of benefits. Not only is dental prevention the name of the game when it comes to caring for your smile, but starting early allows you to perfect your routine and establish excellent habits sooner in the process. Though dental prevention should always be a top priority, there are still several instances in which restorative care is needed to restore your smile’s health. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist explains why it is essential you treat early signs of decay as soon as possible and details how a dental filling can address a cavity.

It Starts With Decay

Whether you were aware of it or not, tooth decay is among the most common of bacteria-related oral health concerns out there. Indeed, it affects millions of individuals every year in some shape or form, and many more people are experiencing its effects without even knowing it. In order to stay on top of your oral health, your dentist encourages you to attend a routine checkup and cleaning at least once every six months.

Every smile contains oral bacteria, and getting rid of them is virtually impossible. Instead, the next best course of action is to provide routine maintenance to keep them at a minimum. This is where prevention comes in handy.

When bacteria nestle in the hard-to-clean areas of the mouth and feed on food particles, however, they produce a destructive acid that aids in the tooth decay process. Once an infection has already settled in, your next best course of action is to seek restorative care. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Only Requires a Single Visit

In its earliest stages, tooth decay may present as nothing more than a tiny hole in a tooth known as a cavity. While they are difficult to detect with the naked eye on your own, your dentist can provide an in-depth look into your dental needs during your checkup appointment.

Because decay is a bacterial infection, it is important to know that it will only worsen without treatment. In the beginning stages, the best course of action for treatment involves a dental filling. Contact our office to schedule your next appointment.

Cosmetic Advantages of a Filling

Your filling treatment involves cleaning the tooth, filling the open hole with a composite resin material, and curing the material using a special light. Unlike traditional metal fillings, composite resin offers the added benefit of shade-matching or being tooth-colored, meaning it is a discreet solution to noticeable cavities. Ask our team about your options.

Learn More Today

To learn more about the functional and cosmetic benefits of filling your cavities early with composite resin, contact The Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX by calling 936-441-4600 to schedule your next appointment with our office today.