The Importance (and Infection) of a Root Canal

A healthy, natural tooth can be more complex than it seems at first. For example, the part of the tooth you can always see is known as the tooth’s crown, and it’s supported by the root underneath your gum tissues. The crown itself has many layers, from the resilient enamel that surrounds it to the mass of dentin that makes up its main structure. These many layers protect the tissues and nerves at the center of the tooth, which also travel through the canal inside of the tooth’s root. This makes the tooth root vital to the tooth’s overall health and integrity in several ways, and makes treating an infected root canal all the more important for your long-term oral health. (more…)

How Well Does Your Bridge or Denture Mimic Your Teeth?

One of the best things about modern dental restorations is their ability to closely resemble the appearance of your healthy, natural teeth. Whether your goal is to fix a tooth that’s been damaged or compromised, or replace one or more teeth that have been lost, a custom-made restoration can help you regain your smile’s health and confidence. When it comes to replacing lost teeth, the most appropriate restorations typically include custom-made dental bridges, partials, and full dentures. Each is designed to address a specific level of tooth loss, and is customized to closely mimic the healthy, natural versions of your lost or extracted teeth. (more…)

What Modern Dental Crowns Actually Do for Teeth

You may never need a dental crown placed over a tooth, but for patients who do receive one, the advantages of today’s advanced restorations can be more significant than they realize. A dental crown is one of the oldest solutions for restoring teeth, though today, the restorations are more lifelike and durable than ever before. They’re also more versatile, and when created from lifelike materials such as dental porcelain, a modern dental crown can fully restore and improve your smile in more ways than you might expect. (more…)

What to Remember About Modern Tooth Fillings

A large majority of people (at least 90%) will experience tooth decay at some point in their lives, or already. However, not as many people realize how advanced modern treatments for tooth decay have become, especially fillings designed to treat the most common cases of cavities. Today, we examine a few things you should remember about modern tooth fillings, and how they can restore your tooth from a cavity more discreetly and more effectively than you might expect. (more…)

A Look at Why Sleep Apnea Matters

Not everyone realizes when they have trouble sleeping peacefully. Sleep occurs in various stages, and sometimes, you can remain unconscious while never reaching the deeper levels of sleep that matter most. For example, if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, then the consistent cessation of your breathing can interrupt your sleeping pattern more severely than you realize. Today, we explain why that matters so much to your overall wellbeing, and why addressing your sleep apnea problem could be more important than you know. (more…)

What Dental Implants Could Mean for Your Smile

When it comes to restoring your smile, what constitutes the “best” solution isn’t always the same as it is for other patients who experience similar concerns. That’s because everyone’s oral health is unique, and as such, even similar oral health issues can affect everyone’s teeth, gums, and oral tissues differently. However, when it comes to restoring a tooth that’s lost one or more teeth, dental implants are often the best solution for a large percentage of tooth loss patients. This is due to the universal consequences that stem from losing a tooth, and especially, its natural root. (more…)

Are There Any Good Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss?

Ideally, taking good care of your smile by cleaning your teeth and gums consistently can help you prevent most of the issues that could potentially lead to tooth loss. However, many people still have to deal with tooth loss, and often, it’s for a reason that could have possibly been prevented (such as gum disease). The silver lining in that fact is that most cases of tooth loss can be prevented, and with the right level of care and maintenance at home, you can improve your chances of successfully avoiding it. (more…)

What to Keep in Mind When You Need Tooth Extraction

In many ways, losing a tooth is almost always a bad thing for your smile and oral health. However, when tooth extraction becomes necessary, removing the tooth could be the best thing for your long-term oral health. While there are many potential reasons for needing to extract a tooth, it’s important to remember that your dentist only recommends it in when absolutely necessary. Fortunately, despite losing the tooth, there are several reasons why its extraction can be a good thing for your smile. (more…)

What Does Root Canal Treatment Do for Your Tooth?

Much like the state of your tooth infection, treatment for tooth decay scales up as the condition grows more serious. What might only be a cavity at one point can quickly become a much more severe form of tooth infection, affecting the tissues inside of the tooth’s inner chamber and root canal. When this occurs, the increased discomfort in the tooth can be a warning sign that it’s in serious danger. If so, then root canal treatment might be the best solution for saving the tooth, if you seek treatment for it soon enough. (more…)

Lesser-Known Impacts of Tooth Loss

Dealing with tooth loss can seem straight-forward at times. As long as your replacement tooth or teeth are designed to closely mimic your healthy, natural ones, the restoration might seem to effectively and completely deal with your tooth loss. Or, you might not consider dealing with the loss that important. However, some of the lesser-known impacts of tooth loss can become increasingly more apparent the longer you wait to deal with it, and many of those impacts can only be addressed by replacing the roots of your lost teeth, as well. (more…)