A Closer Look at Root Canal Treatment

When your tooth is compromised for any reason, how your dentist restores it depends on several different factors. For example, if your tooth develops a case of decay, which can lead to the formation of a cavity in the tooth’s structure, then treating it early could mean restoring the tooth with a tooth-colored filling. However, if the decay is serious and has reached the tooth’s pulp and root canal, then root canal treatment may be the appropriate solution for it. Today, we take a closer look at root canal treatment, including the infection that warrants it and how it can save your smile from even more complications. (more…)

How to Improve the Quality of Your Custom Denture

When you receive a custom-designed denture to replace your lost teeth and rebuild your dental ridge, it can feel like getting a brand-new smile. With advanced imaging and design technologies, along with highly lifelike and customizable dental materials, your dentist can create a restoration that closely mimics the size, shape, appearance, and function of your healthy, natural teeth. However, conventional denture designs lack a critical component of your natural teeth and bite function – the roots that supported them and stabilized them. For many people, the overall function and quality of their dentures can be significantly boosted with help from a series of dental implant posts. (more…)

How Well Is Your Dental Bridge Secured?

After receiving a dental bridge to replace one or more lost teeth, the long-term results of your restoration can depend on several different factors. For example, how well you take care of your teeth and dental bridge will largely determine the state of your oral health and how well your restoration is able to hold up. In addition, the restoration’s construction, including the materials that it’s crafted from and the system that supports it, can also have a significant impact on the overall quality and functionality of the dental bridge. For instance, for many patients, a dental bridge can last longer and perform better if it’s supported by lifelike dental implants. (more…)

3 Times When a Dental Crown Serves Your Smile Best

Dental crowns are among the most well-known types of restorative dental treatment. This is due both to the fact that dental crowns have been around for a long time, and because they often serve several different functions, depending on your smile’s specific needs. Today’s dental crowns, which are designed using advanced imaging technology and often crafted from highly lifelike materials, can even do more for your smile than you might realize. Today, we examine three times when a dental crown can be the best option for addressing your specific tooth concern. (more…)

Making Modern Dental Restorations More Lifelike

The point of restoring your tooth whenever it’s compromised is to give the tooth its ability to function properly, as well as help you regain your smile’s healthy appearance. To accomplish this, restorative dental treatments have always sought to mimic healthy, natural teeth as closely as possible. However, only recently has dentistry been able to provide a level of realism that closely mimics your natural tooth structure in a way that makes your restoration virtually undetectable from the rest of your smile. (more…)

Help Your Teeth Avoid Cavities Naturally

Keeping your teeth consistently clean and healthy isn’t complicated, but the level of consistency required to make it effective can make it seem tedious. Because of this, many people might be surprised to learn that healthy teeth actually have several natural defense mechanisms designed to help them fight off common concerns like cavities. The less-obvious point of a good dental hygiene routine is to boost your teeth’s natural defenses against cavities and improve their chances of remaining strong and healthy for life. (more…)

What Happens When You Have Sleep Apnea?

For some people, trouble sleeping isn’t something obvious. They may believe that they’re sleeping soundly throughout the night, despite not ever reaching the deep, restful sleep that their brains and bodies need to rest properly. This is often the case for people who suffer from sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that directly interrupts your sleep and breathing patterns throughout the night. Today, we explore what this could mean for your wellbeing by explaining what happens when you have sleep apnea. (more…)

When to Take Jaw Pain Seriously

Even when your oral health is trying to tell you that something is wrong, it can sometimes be easy to ignore the symptoms, or to fail to take them seriously because they don’t seem severe. When it comes to chronic jaw pain, the discomfort might be more intense, but failing to understand why can cause some people to consider it a less than serious problem. Today, we explain why you should take jaw pain seriously, what it might indicate about your bite function, and what you could experience if you wait too long to address it. (more…)

What Snoring and Daytime Tiredness Could Mean

The biggest problem with snoring is that many people who do it consistently don’t consider it a problem. Because of this, they fail to seek treatment for it, allowing it to continuously impact the quality of their breathing while they sleep. For some people, snoring can also be a problem because it indicates a more severe condition, such as sleep apnea, which can impact your sleep and breathing patterns more significantly by causing you stop breathing completely while you sleep. This means you may not only snore constantly, but also experience signs of sleep deprivation, including increased instances of excessive tiredness and fatigue every day. (more…)

As You Wait to Replace a Lost Tooth

The urgency to replace a lost tooth isn’t always the same. For some people, the loss of a tooth doesn’t seem that severe, or it seems like something that can be addressed at some point in the future. Unfortunately, this misconception is a common reason why single tooth loss often turns into multiple or severe tooth loss before some people address it. Today, we examine a few of things that can happen as you wait to replace a lost tooth, and how these different consequences can impact your plan to restore your smile. (more…)