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2020 HERPS Conroe Exotic Reptile and Pet Show

While human teeth are of utmost importance to your Conroe, TX, dentist, you may find the teeth of other creatures to be more interesting. If you’re a fan of pets that slither, have scales, or qualify as “exotic,” then you won’t want to miss the HERPS Conroe Exotic Reptile and Pet Show coming to our… Read more »

Kids Day At The Park 2019

Are your kids always ready to get out of the house, soak up the sun, and spend as much time in the park as is humanly possible? If so, then you’ll be so pleased to enjoy the reminder that our Conroe, TX community’s Kids Day At The Park is back and ready for 2019! Enjoy… Read more »

Sting Ray Anthony “Jukebox Rock” Rock ‘n Roll Extravaganza 

Hey there, cool cat! Happen to fancy yourself a fan of 50s music? If so, then you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on this serious tribute to the ever-beloved, classic era of rock ‘n roll! It’s the Sting Ray Anthony “Jukebox Rock” Rock ‘n Roll Extravaganza! Put on your poodle skirt, slick… Read more »

Dads, Dinos, And Donuts 2019

If you’re keeping with a “D” theme this Father’s Day (“Dad” begins with the letter “D” after all) as you seek out a fun event to let him know how much you appreciate him, then you just might want to consider the upcoming Dads, Dinos, And Donuts event near our Conroe, TX community. Actually, you… Read more »

Needlecraft: A Good Yarn!

What’s your craft of choice when it comes to picking up knitting needles, digging your crochet hook out of your bag of beautiful yarns, or other fiber-related works? Whether you prefer knitting or any other much beloved means of creating scarves, hats, blankets, sweaters, and everything else made possible through needlecrafts, the upcoming Needlecraft: A… Read more »

Have You Heard About The Preservation Pad?

Do you have some photographs lurking in shoeboxes? Maybe a slide carousel boxed up on a shelf? Maybe some VHS tapes or other outdated media with important or nostalgic family photos? The genealogy department at the Preservation Pad facilities at the Central Library could be the answer you are looking for, to convert these printed… Read more »

The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Are you a long-time fan of the lovely story of Sleeping Beauty? If so, then you will certainly want to indulge your enthusiasm by attending the upcoming creative experience: It’s The Sleeping Beauty as performed by the Youth Ballet Company from the Texas Academy of Dance Arts! Get your tickets soon and prepare for a… Read more »

Healthy PC Workshop

Are you sad to say that your PC is slowly but surely becoming the bane of your existence? Though you try your best to do what you think is going to promote a computer that runs in a quick and efficient manner, you end up with a system that’s slow, that has pop-ups you cannot… Read more »

Conroe Daddy Daughter Dance 2019

How sweet! Who doesn’t love the sugary, dazzling loveliness that comes with Valentine’s Day? If ever there was an adorable way to spend it with someone you love, the Daddy Daughter Dance 2019 in our Conroe, TX community is certainly it! Don’t miss out on being at the place to be! Grab your tickets soon,… Read more »

Mrs. Claus’ Gingerbread House Workshop

Want to get out of the house with the kids and do something creative and fun before the holiday parties are on a roll? Lovely! Gather up the fam and head out for the upcoming Mrs. Claus’ Gingerbread House Workshop at the museum near our very own Conroe, TX!