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Enjoy Your Week In The Heart Of Conroe

Cheerful little girl having fun in park with dinosaur replicas outdoors.

The lovely Summer months are upon us, and there are various things to do in your area. Whether you enjoy getting out and about and enjoying festivals, fairs, and more, or if you prefer to spend your time trying out new eats or anything in-between, the Conroe area has you covered. Indeed, there is so… Read more »

Kick Off Your Summer In Conroe This Weekend

Three cheerful girls friends in summer clothes taking a selfie at the beach

It’s about that time – Summer! The weather has warmed up, local and community pools are opening, and various community partners, members, and more are setting up shop with a great array of events, goods, and more. Indeed, there is no better time to get out and enjoy what your community has to offer, especially… Read more »

What’s Going On For Memorial Day Weekend?

Happy family, dad and daughter holding the American flag at sunset. Dressed in white. The concept of family values and friendship . Patriotic feeling.

School may officially be out for the summer, but Memorial Day weekend is this weekend! It is important to reflect on ways our community has been impacted and influenced, and paying tribute or even taking the time to memorialize those who could not be here, today, speaks volumes. While Memorial Day may not be a… Read more »

New Things To Try In Conroe This Week

Trying something new can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking phenomenon, especially when all else is involved. Though riding a ride at a theme park may be nerve-wracking in the sense that it is very tall and you are afraid of heights, but the rush of adrenaline may offset that and result in a much… Read more »

Spend The Weekend With Family In Conroe

Happy family having fun time together on picnic

It has been a while since we have posted a community blog post, and with the summer months coming in hot, it is only natural that we present a few fun-filled, family-friendly events to take part in this coming weekend. Indeed, we always want you to prioritize your oral health and maintain a strong smile,… Read more »

Enjoy Your Time In Conroe This Weekend

Group of young friends dressed casually having fun together, tasting wine on the vineyard on a sunny summer morning

After a long week of hustle and bustle, it is nice to get a moment to relax and rejuvenate. Indeed, the weekend is finally here, and we are certain we are not the first ones to say it couldn’t have gotten here fast enough. Some weeks are better than others, and sometimes all it takes… Read more »

Try Something New In Conroe This Weekend

Two excited girls sitting at the table with straw hat on it and talking about something funny. Indoor portrait of young ladies sharing news and drinking cocktails in cozy restaurant.

The weekend is finally here, and the City of Conroe has a host of amazing, fun-filled events taking place that you do not want to miss out on. Indeed, life as we knew it was virtually flipped upside down with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Further, having to stay in for so long –… Read more »

Satisfy Your Palette With Brunch In Conroe

friends toasting at brunch table

Spring is upon us and the weather is shaping up to be fantastic with cool breezes, sunny skies, and a few clouds for those of us who enjoy a little overcast. In addition to this lovely weather we are having, it is Easter weekend! This means gathering with loved ones, chocolate bunnies, fun-filled baskets, and… Read more »

Enjoy Yourself In Conroe This Weekend

community blog

It’s here; it’s finally here: the weekend! It’s bound to be beautiful over the next few days, so now’s a great time to go out and explore the various goings-on occurring around Conroe and the surrounding areas. For each week’s community blog post, we have fun selecting what we think are the most promising events… Read more »

Explore Some Activities In Conroe This Weekend

Unrecognizable people at a food market in Zagreb, Croatia

As the warmer months of the year are finally beginning to peak around the corner, now is the perfect time to be out and about in Conroe! From flower picking to music festivals and everything else in-between, there is something for everyone happening as we speak, and we encourage our patients and patient families to… Read more »