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Whiter Teeth For Life

As we age, our teeth naturally become darker. While darkened, yellowed, and stained teeth are common among adults, they can often be a source of embarrassment. Luckily, your Conroe, TX dentist offers teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry solutions tailored to fit your individual needs, including no-cost touchups for life.

Smile Improvement When You Don’t Want To Wait

We are never in favor of hasty decisions, but if there is a smile issue that’s been on your mind, it can be helpful to know that some cosmetic smile issues can be improved in a single appointment. If you are already our patient, you know we’ve been helping you keep your gums and teeth… Read more »

How Do I Schedule My Cosmetic Care?

It’s a simple question, of course, that seems like it should have a simple answer. However, when you find yourself asking: How do I schedule my cosmetic care? … you may be surprised by the fact that you’re not really sure how to proceed. Don’t worry, though, as this is something a lot of our… Read more »

The Very Fun Side Of Smile Care

There are things that you have to do in terms of your smile, in order to keep it safe and lovely. There are, of course, ways to make essential aspects of oral health protection fun, too! However, if you’ve been feeling bogged down lately with your teeth and gums, then you may be feeling like… Read more »

When You Really Want A Winter White Smile

Before you become too concerned that it’s too late and you’ve missed your window for a beautifully white smile by winter, stop and take a breath. We are still approaching the fall season, which means you actually have enough time to get things planned, sorted out, and to reach your goal! So, what should you… Read more »

Cosmetic Care Results: Questions About Longevity

Of course, there’s nothing but pleasant thoughts that come about, when you think about the benefits that come with deciding to receive cosmetic dental care. With that said, you may still find that there’s a little part of you that feels slightly anxious when you ponder these esthetic improvements. If you’re like many of our… Read more »

Traditional Teeth Whitening: Why It’s Worry Free (With Us)

Let’s just assume for a moment that your plan is to come in to receive traditional teeth whitening with our practice. You aren’t considering running out to purchase something from the store on your own, you’re not trying a remedy you found online, and you’re not hoping that if you just scrub hard enough, your… Read more »

What Will Cosmetic Care Let You Do?

In a very general way, you are aware that cosmetic care will let you receive treatments to make your smile look better. This, of course, is fantastic news. However, when you start delving into what this really means in terms of what you can really accomplish down to the particular details, well, you might not… Read more »

Things To Remember About Social Media And Smiles! 

At one time, social media didn’t exist! Instead, you might have compared your smile to advertisements in magazines or to the celebrities you might see on TV or the big screen. Today, however? We are all exposed to a seemingly never-ending stream of photos! Some from people we know, some from celebrities, and even some… Read more »