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Cosmetic Care Results: Questions About Longevity

Of course, there’s nothing but pleasant thoughts that come about, when you think about the benefits that come with deciding to receive cosmetic dental care. With that said, you may still find that there’s a little part of you that feels slightly anxious when you ponder these esthetic improvements. If you’re like many of our… Read more »

Traditional Teeth Whitening: Why It’s Worry Free (With Us)

Let’s just assume for a moment that your plan is to come in to receive traditional teeth whitening with our practice. You aren’t considering running out to purchase something from the store on your own, you’re not trying a remedy you found online, and you’re not hoping that if you just scrub hard enough, your… Read more »

What Will Cosmetic Care Let You Do?

In a very general way, you are aware that cosmetic care will let you receive treatments to make your smile look better. This, of course, is fantastic news. However, when you start delving into what this really means in terms of what you can really accomplish down to the particular details, well, you might not… Read more »

Things To Remember About Social Media And Smiles! 

At one time, social media didn’t exist! Instead, you might have compared your smile to advertisements in magazines or to the celebrities you might see on TV or the big screen. Today, however? We are all exposed to a seemingly never-ending stream of photos! Some from people we know, some from celebrities, and even some… Read more »

Got Gaps? Consider 3 Factors!

Maybe you refer to that little open area between your two teeth as a gap. Maybe you say you have a space. Whatever term you use to refer to it, you may or may not feel good about it. You may also find that you’re not sure about what to think about this little separation… Read more »

Your Smile: Addressing The Little Things

There are some really big concerns that can affect your smile, for which you have absolutely no hesitation scheduling smile care with our practice! From a severe toothache to a cracked tooth or a glaring stain, these are the types of things that you consider monumental, so there’s no doubt as to their need or… Read more »

Charcoal Toothpaste: Miracle Or Empty Promise?

It can feel frustrating when almost every new, exciting miracle promise that hits the internet and circulates in conversations with the people you know is something that requires further research. Sure, you could throw caution to the wind and just try out all sorts of new things but because you’re aware of possible consequences, you… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: The Super Basic Info You Need!

When you really start getting into the details of whitening your smile, you might find that it seems you have so many options, you don’t know where to begin! On the other hand, you might take one glance at your smile in the mirror and wonder if there’s any help for you out there because… Read more »

Why Are Porcelain Veneers a Good Choice?

For people who want a brand new smile, porcelain veneers are one of the most-often preferred cosmetic dental treatments. Their popularity is due to several different benefits that veneers provide over other treatments, such as the ability to fix multiple different issues and to remain minimally invasive regardless of what they’re addressing. At our Conroe,… Read more »