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I Broke a Tooth! Can I Come in Today?

Having dental emergency, like breaking a tooth, can be a scary experience. Luckily, with the help of advanced technology, your Conroe, TX dentist is prepared to provide you with emergency dentistry and a dental crown that can allow you to bounce back in as little as one day!

Smile Protection: Don’t Go “Nuts” This Holiday! 

One thing that would be absolutely lovely as the weather gets even chillier and the holidays get even closer? Just letting loose and completely frolicking through this merry season without a care in the world! We know. It’s quite a dreamy, wonderful thought. Unfortunately, it’s just not realistic! The good news, though, is that you… Read more »

Halloween: Smile Care? Or Smile Scare?

How’s your Halloween going to go this year, our Conroe, TX team wonders? Are you completely ready to ensure you’ve got your smile in the best possible condition, that you’re going to take the necessary (yet simple) steps to keep it that way, and as a result … you can just enjoy yourself? Or, are… Read more »

3 Smile Realizations That Take The Stress Off

If you have even the slightest tendency to overthink or over-analyze situations, then you might find dental care to be somewhat bothersome at times. Of course, you know that the basics, such as preventive care and restorations are easy to keep sorted and managed, so the essential are not a factor. Instead, it’s the other… Read more »

October Dental Emergencies You Can Avoid

You don’t want to have to call us to let us know you have a dental emergency and need to see us, of course. While we certainly welcome hearing from you and will see you as soon as possible, should the need arise, we have a feeling what you’d really prefer is to have some… Read more »

Anything Your Smile Needs: We’ve Got It!

One of the exciting, if not relieving, things about becoming a patient of a dental practice that offers care that’s truly comprehensive is the fact that it makes your life easier. In short, it means that anything your smile needs, we’ve got it! Whether you’ve recognized that you require care for your oral health in… Read more »

Dental Emergency: Don’t Forget Your Technology!

Remember that depending on how you react to sudden changes, you may be a bit shaken up by a dental emergency. Of course, we encourage you to do your best to stay nice and relaxed should one occur. That, of course, doesn’t mean you won’t feel in a rush and a bit out of sorts…. Read more »