Handling Your Dental Emergency Efficiently

Emergency Action Plan Newspaper Headlines Prepared Ready 3d IllustrationWhether you want them to or not, a number of circumstances can get in the way of attending a necessary dental visit. For example, dental anxiety and phobia are very real phenomena that make receiving necessary treatment difficult. While missing one visit is not the end of the world, especially if it gets rescheduled, missing several can actually put your smile in a place of risk. For some, however, not receiving treatment in a timely manner after enduring an emergency may be the biggest threat to their smile’s integrity. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist explains situations that may constitute a dental emergency, as well as the steps you can take to ensure proper care.

Defining an Emergency

It goes without saying that nearly everything out there has a negative impact on your smile’s health, and some circumstances are far worse than others. Indeed, emergencies can occur at any given time to any person, which means nobody is truly immune to their effects. What’s more? Emergencies can vary in terms of severity, making it difficult to discern what the next best steps are and how you can seek treatment.

For purposes of treatment, a dental emergency can be considered any situation in which your oral health has been threatened or compromised due to a significant injury, discomfort, or other-like situation. This includes circumstances such as dislodging a tooth at a sporting event, biting down too hard on crunchy food, and getting something stuck in-between teeth that cause significant discomfort.

In situations where you have endured significant damage, are bleeding profusely, and experiencing uncontrollable pain, it may be best to go to the emergency room for care. For other situations, give our office a call.

Ways to Keep Calm

Although it is much easier said than done, remaining calm is a very important step when seeking treatment for your dental emergency. Indeed, patients react differently depending on the situation and its severity, and it is possible these reactions can range from crippling shock to a state of being in a frantic state.

When in these states, a patient’s chances of making mistakes or making the situation worse increases drastically. As such, it is important to practice breathing exercises or grounding exercises so that you can gather your bearings and proceed with efficiency.

An Emergency Contact

In most situations, having a person in mind to help you through the process can mitigate much of the scheduling nuance. Indeed, you may not be able to predict an emergency, but you certainly can have a plan in mind in case one were to occur. Having someone that can bring you to and from your appointment makes all the difference when preserving your natural smile.

Call Our Office

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