Common Questions: Dental Implants

questionstickiesDo you find that you like the idea of addressing your tooth loss with dental implants? However, beyond the fact that they offer extraordinary stability, do you know very little else about implants but you would like to learn more? Allow us to get you started with a brief Q&A session. For the comprehensive information you need, we suggest you schedule a consultation to speak with us soon.

Q&A: Dental Implants

Question: I always hear the term dental implant in reference to a complete tooth replacement – does an implant only replace my roots or my entire tooth?

Answer: An implant is a titanium post that replaces tooth roots – it does not replace the rest of your tooth. The implant will, however, provide excellent support to a prosthetic tooth or device that restores the visible part of your missing tooth.

Question: I’ve heard that it’s possible to receive dental implants in a single day – but I thought that implants required several months of healing. Can you clear this up for me?

Answer: Yes. If you choose traditional dental implants, you will need to recover for approximately three or four months before we restore the implant with a dental crown. However, if you have a strong, full jawbone and require immediate implants, we may be able to place a temporary crown on your implant the same day you receive placement. Keep in mind that same day implants are only appropriate for select individuals – please speak with us about details if you are interested.

Question: Do I have to replace one tooth at a time with individual dental implants and dental crowns? Is there an option to replace multiple teeth at one time?

Answer: You may replace individual teeth this way. Or, you may choose an implant-retained full denture, partial denture, or bridge to replace multiple teeth without placing an implant in every single empty socket.