Gum Health: Recession And Inflammation

gumshealthyIf you have spent any time speaking with us about gum health – or researching on your own – you know that your gum tissue has the ability to become inflamed or to recede and pull away from your teeth. You may also recognize that the two may be connected – or may occur independently of one another. However, if you are just grazing the surface of this topic, the details may still be eluding you. Let’s make our way through a quick rundown of the essential facts, so you better understand your gums.

What’s Recession All About?

When we talk about recession in regard to your gum health, we are talking about your gums receding – or moving away from – your teeth. This can result in a space (or pocket) between your tooth and gum tissue. It will also expose a portion of your tooth’s usually protected roots. This may happen after inflammation occurs if you’re dealing with gum disease. Or, your gums may pull away as the result of too-vigorous brushing.

Why Do My Gums Look So Puffy?

If you notice that your gums look puffy, something may be up with your gum health. Here’s what you need to do: First, ask yourself if your gums are usually flatter. If not, you may need gum contouring because you simply have a little too much tissue. If so, come in for a checkup. Inflamed gums may point to gingivitis, food trapped beneath your gum tissue, or general irritation (and we can tell you which it is, while offering necessary treatment).