How You Can Prevent Periodontal Disease

Closeup portrait of young woman showing with his finger inflamed lower gingiva with pain expression. Dental care and toothache.It goes without saying that many individuals understand the importance of keeping up with routine preventive care, both in office and at home. For some, however, the notion of going to the dentist might spike some anxiety, or in severe cases, even fear. When this occurs, individuals tend to miss out on their needed preventive care and bigger dental concerns begin to take over, causing decay, disease, and even tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist will look at the effects of neglecting preventive care and how you can take steps to prevent such instances.

The Threats of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is the most common dental concern out there, affecting roughly three million adults in the United States per year. This phenomenon often consists of harmful bacteria nestling below your gum line and attaching themselves to the roots of your teeth. Since the surrounding tissues offer a form of protection for the roots, the bacteria are considered protected as well. When it is left untreated, this will result in the buildup of plaque or tartar on your roots, causing severe infection and concerns such as teeth separating from the tissues that house them, inflamed or bleeding gums, and even tooth loss as their main support become damaged. Indeed, while this concern is more common than many would think, it can actually be easily prevented or maintained if acted upon early on with routine preventive care. When you do begin exhibiting signs or symptoms of this concern, however, there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure the health of your smile.

Scaling Your Roots

Your dentist may recommend a deep perio cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing. During this procedure, your dentist will carefully but thoroughly go beneath the gum line to remove deposits of harmful oral bacteria, plaque, and tartar to prevent them from spreading and causing significant harm to your teeth and surrounding tissues. After this, we will smooth and polish the roots of your teeth in order to make it more difficult for bacteria to reattach in the future. For more information on this process, contact our team today.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Flossing

In addition to a deep clean, your dentist will recommend consistent practice of flossing. While you may believe that brushing alone will suffice, keep in mind that food particles often get lodged between structures, attracting harmful bacteria. Most of the time these particles cannot be loosened with brushing alone, so additional help through flossing is needed.

Schedule Your Visit

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