Porcelain Veneers: Things They Help You Hide

Patients often overlook the fact that porcelain veneers will allow you to camouflage problems. When you realize this, you can quickly begin connecting the use of this cosmetic treatment with some of the esthetic complaints you may find that you’ve been struggling with for some time! For a better understand of what we mean by “covering up” issues, our Conroe, TX team invites you to enjoy a quick introduction into this way of looking at veneers. Then, of course, if you think you’re ready for smile improvement, give us a call to set up a visit!

They Cover Discoloration

You may think that when you want to address any type of staining that it’s always going to be teeth whitening that fixes the problem. However, sometimes you cannot remove stains because they’re too deep within your teeth, you just have one little blemish, or your teeth aren’t going to respond to it. Instead, you need to cover them. Porcelain veneers will do a beautiful job at helping you accomplish this!

They Camouflage Chips And Fissures

Hooray! That chipped tooth that you have and those craze lines in multiple teeth that you don’t want to look at anymore: You can cover them right up with porcelain veneers. Your smile will look beautiful and natural but you won’t have to worry about all-over blemishes or even isolated problems, thanks to the beauty of veneers.

They Camouflage Spaces And Length Problems

Think about the dimensions of your teeth and how those dimensions impact the continuity of your smile, whether teeth touch or you have spaces, etc. The good news with porcelain veneers is that they allow you to customize the dimensions of your teeth and, as a result, the look of your entire smile. Did you know that you can camouflage the fact that your teeth aren’t all the correct lengths by customizing veneers for a uniform smile? Or, did you realize you can hide your dental gaps by making veneers wide enough to sit flush? It’s all about customization! Come in to learn more.

Find Out All About Veneers During A Consultation

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