Reasons to Choose Dental Sedation

If you’re someone who attends regular dental appointments and has avoided the need for procedures like root canals or tooth extractions, you probably aren’t too familiar with dental sedation. Dental sedation encompasses a number of different methods for helping patients to feel relaxed and subdued during their appointments. A patient may need dental sedation if they are going in for a particularly lengthy or invasive dental procedure. Dental sedation can also be used to help with dental anxiety. If you are an individual who may be affected by those conditions, it’s time to learn more about dental sedation.

Dental Sedation Is Used for Extensive Procedures

Extensive dental procedures may require that the patient experiencing them is sedated. This is typically in the interest of the patient’s own comfort, and it can also help the dentist administer better care. If you need root canal therapy to save a tooth, your dentist will apply a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding tissue, but they may also offer a sedative to help you relax. The same is true of wisdom teeth extractions. The dentist or oral surgeon will sedate the patient so that they can carefully perform the surgery.

Dental Sedation Can Be Helpful for Patients with Dental Anxiety

Dental sedation can also be used to help patients that suffer from dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is actually quite common among adults. This condition often stems from poor experiences at the dentist’s office as a child. If you feel anxious about scheduling and attending dental appointments, this may be the result of anxiety. If you miss some routine checkups, it may compound your dental anxiety as you dwell on what issues the dentist might find when you finally go in for a visit. Dental sedation options can help these patients feel more relaxed during their visits.

Your Dentist Can Help You Choose the Right Dental Sedation

Your dentist will choose the right sedation method for you, based on your individual needs. Two common dental sedatives are oral sedation and IV sedation. Oral sedatives can be taken before your dental visit. These allow you to calm down and feel totally at ease during your visit. Oral sedatives are ideal for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. IV sedation is a stronger form of sedation, and is typically used for extensive procedures like oral surgery. In either case, you will need someone to drive you home after your appointment.

Learn About Comfortable Dental Appointments at The Dental Centre of Conroe

If you’re someone who has struggled to comfortably schedule and attend dental appointments, then dental sedation may help. At The Dental Centre of Conroe, we offer both IV and oral sedation options. We can determine the right sedative that will help you feel at ease during your appointments. To learn more, contact The Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX at 936-441-4600.