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Dental cleaning removing plaque and dirt on the teeth; 3D; 3D IllustrationYour smile is one of your greatest assets. Not only does it play an essential role in functional tasks such as biting, chewing, and helping you eat overall, but it is oftentimes one of the first things a person may notice about you. Indeed, there are cosmetic treatments available to help you look your best, but these solutions are often sought in vain if you do not maintain a solid foundation of oral health to begin with. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist takes a closer look at what it means to prioritize periodontal health and how treatment can help avoid the onset of gum disease.

The Dangers of Gum Disease

From a young age, your parents and/or guardians have been telling you to brush and care for your teeth. Indeed, there are several factors out there that can negatively influence your oral health, and unfortunately, there are significantly fewer natural lines of defense to protect you. With this in mind, it is only natural that we partake in a consistent preventive dental routine.

Though your teeth may be the stars of the show, in all actuality, your oral health is influenced by all of the components contained within the mouth. This includes your teeth, cheek tissues, throat tissues, and of course, the gums.

Your periodontal tissues, in particular, play an important role in protecting your sensitive teeth roots. They also help stabilize your teeth and keep them in place. Without your gum tissues, oral bacteria would easily target your roots and cause your teeth to decay at a much more rapid rate. When care is not given to the area, however, bacteria attempt to work their way beneath the gum line and wreak havoc. Contact our team to learn more.

Treatment to Practice at Home

You see, gum disease is a phenomenon that occurs when bacteria make their way beneath the gum line and cause plaque to develop on your teeth roots. This process creates a rift between the tissues and your teeth so that the deposits continue to grow.

In order to minimize the chances of this process occurring, your dentist recommends taking strides to floss regularly after meals. To learn more about this process and how it helps prevent the onset of gum disease, give our team a call today.

In-Office Solutions

When bacteria have begun to target your roots and you experience symptoms such as swollen gums, discoloration, sensitivity, and even bleeding, it is likely time for a periodontal cleaning. During this visit, we carefully but thoroughly clean beneath the gum line to remove plaque deposits, then we polish the roots to make it more difficult for future attachment to occur.

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