Strategies for Alleviating Chronic Toothaches

When your tooth hurts, the discomfort itself can be enough of a pain. However, not knowing what’s causing your tooth to hurt, and what it might mean for your overall health, can make it even more distressing. In many cases, the pain will continue to grow worse no matter how many home remedies you try. At our Conroe, TX, dental office, we can help you find relief from any toothache, no matter how minor or severe, by improving your oral health and, if necessary, customizing an appropriate treatment plan to restore your tooth’s health and integrity.

Practicing better dental hygiene

When your teeth are healthy, they shouldn’t really “feel” anything besides the pressures of biting and chewing your food. This is mainly due to the highly mineralized, super resilient enamel that surrounds and protects them. When this layer grows weak, however, your main tooth structure can become more sensitive to things like hold and cold foods and beverages, or the buildup of oral bacteria on their surfaces. If you address your weakened enamel as soon as possible, you may have a good chance at strengthening it before it becomes compromised and develops a hole – the first stage of tooth decay and cavity development.

Cutting back on sugars and carbs

Oral bacteria are the biggest reason why your tooth enamel grows weak. When they consume nutrients, they metabolize them into various substances. For some bacteria, that includes converting sugar and other carbs into acids that systematically destroy your protective tooth enamel. These acids can also sap your teeth of the essential minerals they need to refortify their enamel, making it more likely that you’ll develop a cavity in the near future. By cutting down on sugars and carbs in your diet, as well as practicing consistently good dental hygiene, you can dramatically reduce this risk and alleviate your chronic tooth pain.

Visiting your dentist as soon as possible

When your tooth starts to hurt suddenly, you may not know if you have time to save your tooth until you visit your dentist and diagnose your toothache. If the cause is more serious than weak enamel and you require more than improved hygiene to treat it, then your toothache and its cause will grow substantially worse the longer you wait to address it. If necessary, we can design a custom restoration to restore your tooth structure and stop it from hurting.

Find out how to alleviate your toothache

If your toothache doesn’t go away with better hygiene and eating habits, then it may be time to visit your dentist to find out what’s causing it and how best to treat it. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling the Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX, today at (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and all neighboring communities.