Taking Care of Periodontal Concerns

Periodontal Disease - Medicine Concept with Blurred Text and Glasses on Blue Background. Selective Focus. 3D Rendering.When it comes to protecting your smile from harm, you can never have too much help on your side. Dental sealants and fluoride treatment offer an extra boost of strength for virtually any smile, and your level of at-home prevention plays a significant role in this process as well. Indeed, there are several complications that can arise from excessive oral bacteria, and some may be more of a surprise occurrence than others. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist identifies the importance of periodontal dental care, and what you need to know to maintain a healthy smile.

Infections of the Gums

It goes without saying that, among the various bacteria-related dental concerns, tooth decay is arguably the most common. This process is characterized by enamel and tooth erosion caused by oral bacteria producing a destructive acid upon consuming sugar. This phenomenon is so common, in fact, that millions of people in the United States report experiencing decay in some way, shape or from every year.

Though decay is probably the most common of oral health concerns, it is far from the only one. Not too far behind dental decay is periodontal infection, also known as gum disease. Like decay, gum disease begins with oral bacteria that are certainly up to no good. In this case, however, the bacteria make their way beneath the gum line and contribute to the formation of plaque on your sensitive tooth roots.

Because the bacteria below the gums are able to thrive in relatively sheltered conditions, there is not much preventing the plaque from spreading and compounding, placing your roots at an even greater risk of significant damage. To learn more about this process and how it affects you, give our team a call.

Preventing Major Concerns

Without periodontal intervention or targeted care, your situation will only continue to get worse. But how exactly do you prioritize your gum health, or even recognize that there is a complication to begin with?

You see, the key to healthy tissues is to practice thorough prevention at home in the form of flossing. Flossing after meals helps release trapped food particles that attract bacteria, thus keeping your tissues strong and healthy. Schedule your next appointment to learn more.

In-Office Care to Help

When periodontal concerns become a question, nothing is more effective than seeking the opinion of a dedicated dentist. In cases such as these, a deep cleaning may be in order, in which we carefully but thoroughly clean beneath the gum line and remove deposits of bacteria-laden plague from the tooth roots.

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