A Healthy Mouth Helps A Healthy Body

As we spoke about last week, oral health issues can affect your overall health in extremely negative ways. However, in this time of concern for our physical health, we at the Dental Centre of Conroe saw fit to write about ways that you can keep your smile healthy in order to keep your risk of associated illnesses lower. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX, dentist will discuss the oral-systemic link, or how your oral health affects your overall health, and how to keep yourself healthy by maintaining proper oral hygiene practices.

What Is the Oral-Systemic Link?

The oral-systemic link refers to the fact that your oral health directly affects the health of the rest of your body. As an example, any time you have an infection in a tooth due to a cavity or tooth decay that has progressed, the infection can spread. It may spread to your gums, causing gum disease, or to other parts of your mouth, and it can even continue spreading throughout your body if left untreated. Furthermore, as we mentioned last week, gum disease specifically can put you at a higher risk of stroke due to the inflammation changing how oxygen and blood are able to flow to your brain. As potential links are always being studied, it is imperative to not underestimate the importance of your oral health.

How Can I Avoid Health Issues?

To avoid oral health issues, you should:

  • Wash your hands well for 20 seconds before touching your mouth, and try not to touch your mouth whenever possible to lower your chances of getting sick from any germs that may be on your fingers.
  • Try to avoid bad habits like chewing on pen caps or biting your fingernails.
  • Keep up with a great oral hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing your teeth daily to keep your mouth as clean as possible.
  • Make sure you are always brushing for two full minutes to give yourself time to brush away as much plaque and bacteria as you can.
  • Always be sure to store your toothbrush so that the bristles can fully dry out (an upright position is best). Otherwise, bacteria and viruses can live on your damp toothbrush bristles for a longer amount of time.
  • Continue attending your regular dentist checkups at the Dental Centre of Conroe, and don’t hesitate to make an appointment if you experience a dental emergency or any symptoms of a potential oral health issue such as sensitivity, swelling, pain, or bleeding.

Our Sanitary Office Is Waiting for You

Our office is constantly sanitized using thorough, medical-grade methods because of the nature of dental work, meaning it is always a safe and sanitary place to be. So, if you are exhibiting any warning signs of oral disease, or if you are due for a cleaning and checkup, you should not hesitate to contact the Dental Centre of Conroe to schedule a visit by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe, TX, and the neighboring communities.