Are you Aware of you Dental Crown Options?

VeneersA crown may signify leadership in cultures which still govern by monarchy. There are other uses for the word “crown” – particularly in dentistry. Not only is a crown the term used to describe the visible part of your tooth, above the gumline, but dental crowns are the caps which can restore and preserve a severely damaged tooth. If a cavity is particularly large or infection spreads into the root, you need more than a filling to keep your mouth functional and healthy. This is where dental crowns come in, and thankfully, they can be fashioned in modern times out of tooth-colored, non-metal materials.

Crowns of the Past

Crowns were initially only made out of metal – gold, silver, or an amalgam of metals. Naturally no one is crazy about having a mouth with permanent metal in it; especially if the tooth being repaired is near the front. The development of metal linings covered with porcelain became popular for a while. Known as porcelain-fused-to-metal (or PFM) these dental crowns boasted the advantage of strength and aesthetics. Unfortunately, the appearance of this type of crown ends up not remaining as natural as it should. Light doesn’t readily pass through metal, so the tooth looks a bit flat. Furthermore, PFM crowns often show a grey or dark area right by the gumline. This dark line is more common when gum recession exists, but it makes the crown look very obvious.

Porcelain Crowns

Processes of layering and pressing porcelain have made the durable but delicate material a very suitable dental restoration and cosmetic dental material. Crowns fabricated entirely of porcelain are considered the optimal choice for front teeth in your smile. Dark lines and a dull flat look are not a concern. Porcelain can be dyed to match the shade of surrounding teeth, and the material has a natural translucence which reflects light almost exactly the same as tooth enamel. On your back teeth, porcelain may be too delicate to withstand chewing, but ask our dental team about various options to answer to all of your needs.

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