Better Ways to Think About Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve never had root canal treatment before and are told that you need it now, then it may not seem like a good thing for your smile at first. Depending on stories you’ve heard about root canals, you might even be nervous about needing the procedure at all. However, modern root canal treatment is a much more conservative and comfortable process than patients often expect. Even more importantly, it could be the only way to save a tooth that’s severely infected, and to help you alleviate the symptoms that come along with it.

It’s like a more involved tooth filling

If you detect and treat tooth decay in its earlier stages, you can avoid the need for root canal therapy by filling the cavity in your tooth. This involves cleaning away the infected tooth structure in and around the cavity, then placing a biocompatible, tooth-colored filling in the cavity to restore and protect the tooth. In many ways, root canal therapy is essentially the same procedure, but involves removing the tissues inside of the tooth that have become infected. The inner pulp chamber and root canal of your tooth are where its nerves and blood vessels are housed. During root canal treatment, these are removed and the chambers are cleaned, then the tooth is filled and sealed with biocompatible material.

It’s the solution to your severe toothache

Once tooth decay reaches the pulp and root canal of your tooth, everything about it becomes more severe, including the discomfort in and around your tooth. Mild to moderate cavities can cause varying levels of toothaches, and often, the pain is only felt when the tooth is exposed to pressure, or to hot and cold substances. However, tooth decay inside of your tooth means the tooth’s nerves are directly infected, and the toothache that results from it can be more severe by several degrees. One of the most immediate benefits of receiving root canal therapy is finally finding relief from the discomfort.

It’s the chance to avoid tooth loss or extraction

In addition to the pain of a severely decayed tooth, the threat to your oral health also grows worse when the decay reaches the tooth’s inner chambers. On one hand, the decay may have eroded a significant portion of your tooth’s main structure by now, making the tooth weaker overall and more susceptible to damage from excessive bite pressure. In extreme cases of tooth decay, the only way to remove the infection is to remove (or extract) all of the tooth structure that remains. However, with prompt treatment, root canal therapy may be able to save the healthy tooth structure that remains and allow you to avoid losing or having to extract the tooth.

Let root canal treatment save your tooth

Root canal treatment is often simpler and more convenient than patients expect, and the benefits of seeking treatment as soon as possible can be more important than you realize. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling the Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX, today at (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and all neighboring communities.