What Makes Tooth Extraction Necessary?

With a wide range of options for restoring teeth that are damaged or that exhibit tooth decay, many people can save their healthy, natural tooth structure even under severe circumstances. Because of this, the need to extract a tooth can sometimes be a surprise. Tooth extraction is the deliberate removal of all of a tooth’s structure, and is only recommended when a tooth is so severely compromised that it cannot be successfully restored. If it does become necessary, then extracting the tooth as soon as possible could be best for your oral health.

Extreme tooth fractures or large breaks

The good thing about healthy teeth is that they don’t damage easily. However, if a tooth does crack or break, the damage can have more significant consequences than you might realize. It can also grow more substantial the longer it’s left untreated, and even a minor fracture or break can become much more severe over time. While most cases of damaged teeth can be effectively addressed with a custom-designed restoration, such as a lifelike dental crown, an extremely damaged tooth might not have enough healthy structure left to restore. Extracting the tooth could help you avoid any subsequent oral health concerns resulting from the damaged tooth, as well as make way for a durable, custom-designed replacement.

The decaying of most of the tooth’s structure

Tooth decay is a more common concern than direct tooth damage, but the level of harm it can cause to your tooth structure can sometimes be even more significant. Tooth decay is an infection in your tooth, and it grows progressively worse over time (sometimes, faster than a fracture or break can progress). There are multiple treatment options for addressing tooth decay depending on how severe it is, such as tooth fillings and root canal treatment. However, if the decay has become so invasive that it has eroded most of your tooth’s natural structure, then the remaining structure may need to be extracted to remove the threat of more serious oral health problems.

Significant loss of supportive tissues

Healthy, natural teeth are strong not only because of their highly resilient structures, but also the complex system of support surrounding them. Your healthy teeth roots rest within sockets in your jawbone and are supported by healthy periodontal tissues (gums) that surround them. If you develop gum disease, these tissues and structures can become eroded and compromised, leaving one or more of your teeth without enough support to remain strong and healthy. Extracting them may be a necessary part of restoring your healthy gums and smile, and replacing the tooth may be more successful once the disease is under control.

Learn if tooth extraction is necessary

A tooth may need to be extracted for several reasons, but it will only be recommended if the tooth cannot be restored and saved through other means. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling the Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX, today at (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and all neighboring communities.