What Modern Dental Crowns Actually Do for Teeth

You may never need a dental crown placed over a tooth, but for patients who do receive one, the advantages of today’s advanced restorations can be more significant than they realize. A dental crown is one of the oldest solutions for restoring teeth, though today, the restorations are more lifelike and durable than ever before. They’re also more versatile, and when created from lifelike materials such as dental porcelain, a modern dental crown can fully restore and improve your smile in more ways than you might expect.

Help them function properly again

A dental crown gets its name from the part of your tooth that it replicates, which is also called the crown. This portion of your tooth consists of all of its visible structure above your gum line, and is the part that’s responsible for biting and chewing your food, among many other things. When your tooth’s crown is damaged or compromised in some way, the tooth’s ability to function properly can diminish, affecting everything from your oral health to your bite function and more. A custom-designed dental crown can be placed over the tooth to restore it, as well as to reestablish its ability to take the pressure of your bite.

Improve their entire appearance

Modern dental crowns are able to restore a tooth’s strength and integrity by closely mimicking the tooth’s shape, size, and contour. This allows it to fit in your bite’s contour the way your healthy, natural tooth was meant to. In addition, many of today’s dental crowns and other restorations are often crafted from materials that closely resemble the healthy, natural, and unique appearance of your teeth. For example, a porcelain dental crown not only restores your tooth, but can also improve its appearance by correcting a wide range of cosmetic tooth blemishes.

Replace them with optimal realism

Tooth loss is one of the more significant problems that can affect your oral health, and traditionally, the only way a dental crown could address it was by supporting a dental bridge to replace a lost tooth. Today, however, lifelike dental crowns are often bonded to root-like dental implant posts, which are inserted into the jawbone and used as a replacement for your lost tooth root. When combined with a dental implant post, a modern dental crown can create a more lifelike replica of your tooth’s healthy, natural root and crown structure.

Learn what a dental crown can do for you

Today’s dental crowns are designed to closely mimic healthy, natural teeth to help restore your smile in several different ways. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling the Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX, today at (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and all neighboring communities.