Charcoal Toothpaste: Miracle Or Empty Promise?

It can feel frustrating when almost every new, exciting miracle promise that hits the internet and circulates in conversations with the people you know is something that requires further research. Sure, you could throw caution to the wind and just try out all sorts of new things but because you’re aware of possible consequences, you like to make informed decisions! When it comes to things like charcoal toothpaste, you wonder: Is it safe? Is it a miracle smile whitener? Or, would your Conroe, TX dental team probably tell you to avoid it at all costs? We can help guide you through this one!

Avoiding This One … And Why

You know all of that stuff we tell you about preventive care and keeping your smile safe, which includes protecting your enamel? Well, bring all of those details to mind as you consider using charcoal toothpaste to whiten your smile. The things you know about keeping your enamel safe is that if you use hard toothbrush bristles or abrasive toothpaste, you can strip your enamel. You also know that when this happens, you can more easily see your dentin (the yellow-hued layer beneath) and that teeth become more susceptible to stains. Put this info all together and what do you get? A big red flag letting you know that charcoal toothpaste is dangerous for your smile and will not yield a white smile in the long run.

Why Charcoal Seems Like It Works

Charcoal toothpaste might seem like it’s working. You may see a friend’s before and after pictures or even watch your friend use it and think that it’s miraculous! However, this is for a reason. You are, indeed, removing some of your dental tissue with all of that scouring, so initially, you may see surface stains disappear. However, you’re primarily seeing the results of damage, so this is one to avoid.

What To Do Instead

You may feel you’ve come full circle and you wonder what you can do now that we have burst your bubble! Not to worry, we happen to offer many different approaches that will help you brighten your teeth in a completely safe manner. To get started (and to ask any additional questions about charcoal), schedule a checkup!

Visit Us For Safe Whitening

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