Efficiently Handling Your Dental Emergency

Emergency Plan, business motivational inspirational quotes, words typography top view lettering conceptIt goes without saying that your oral health care routine is an ongoing, lifelong process. After all, simply attending your dental visits is not enough to fend off the threats of day-to-day plaque and oral bacteria. While you may be actively taking care of your oral health, however, sometimes life can come at you at an alarming rate, and factors you have not accounted for can lead to complications, such as the case with dental emergencies. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist takes a look at what to expect from a dental emerge

Take a Breath and Remain Calm

While it may seem a bit counter intuitive, the best thing you can do for your dental emergency is to take a breath and remain calm. In many situations such as this, an individual’s initial instinct is to panic and act in the fastest way possible. The problem is, however, that this fight or flight instinct leads to increased chances of mistakes or complications along the way. Though it may be difficult to initially surpass, avoiding irrational actions and staying calm will help you with your dental emergency tremendously.

Another factor that can prove beneficial in this type of situation includes having the help of a family member or friend. If you are alone during your emergency, having a go-to person on standby is critical, especially if the situation warrants oral surgery and you need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

The Importance of a Plan

It is true that you cannot predict an emergency before it occurs, however, you can make sure to have a loose plan in mind in the event something was to happen. For instance, making sure you have a dependable person to help you through the process makes a world of difference.

Another factor to keep in mind is what to do in the event of a broken or dislodged tooth. You will want to collect any pieces you find to bring with you to your appointment. We recommend carefully rinsing them off under warm water, taking care to leave any tissues intact. Next, you will want to place the structure(s) in an air-tight container with salt water, and bring it with you for your visit.

Doing What’s Best for Your Health

Because a dental emergency can range in severity quite the amount, time is of the essence, but acting with efficiency is also important to note. Having a loose plan in the event that an accident occurs will benefit your health in the long-run, and our team is ready to help.

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