Gum Disease And What You’re Missing

When you hear about gum disease, you have some idea that it’s one of the bad things you’re doing your best to avoid as you strive to protect your oral health. However, it’s very possible that if you don’t know much more about it, you’re missing out on some key information that can mean the difference between easy, effective smile protection and the devastation of your gums and other tissues! Take some key details into consideration from our Conroe, TX team, so you may easily continue to protect your smile.

You’re Forgetting: There Are Two Major Extremes

Remember that gum disease is something that you can cure with our help when you visit us as gingivitis is occurring. Or, it’s something that can rapidly progress, as it becomes full periodontal disease (called periodontitis), which can cause serious aggravation for your oral health, as it destroys the layers of your oral tissue and can result in tooth loss. Obviously, our team reminds you that choosing to see us to eradicate and control the problem as early as possible is always to your benefit, so you can avoid the negative extreme of neglected tissue.

You’re Thinking Your Smile Is Just Fine

Yes, your smile looks “fine” but that is absolutely not an okay way to judge the potential health of any of your tissues, including your gingival tissues. Do your absolute best to remember that you can look at your smile in the mirror and see what appears to be a completely healthy smile but that it can still be a smile that’s beginning to suffer from gingivitis. With that said, commit to memory the fact that it’s to your benefit to schedule dental checkups and cleanings with our team every six months, just as consistently as possible, for life! Why is that? We suggest it because it allows you to rely on our team to find and treat gingivitis when you cannot see it.

Avoiding It Is Exceptionally Easy

You may assume that since gingivitis seems sneaky, you’re not going to be able to avoid it with ease. The opposite is true: Though it’s not always a breeze to detect, it’s fairly simple to prevent. Here’s what you can remember:

  • Prevention is key to keeping gum disease from beginning
  • Brushing daily, morning and evening, is essential
  • Flossing your smile is also key to preventing gum problems
  • Seeing us for visits (every six months) is also a requirement!

Protect Yourself From Gum Disease Damage

Keep up with all aspect of the preventive care we suggest for every patient, so you can easily side step the potential for gum disease and the damage that comes with it. Maintain your schedule of checkups and cleanings! Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.