Let Your Tongue Do The Talking

tonguewomanYou often hear about keeping a close watch on your teeth and your gums when it comes to seeking out potential oral health problems. However, sometimes it’s wise to let your tongue do the talking. This portion of your oral system is susceptible to changes, too, which can often lead you in the right direction toward figuring out an issue. We suggest you become more familiar with some common symptoms to put on your mental list, so you know when it’s time to improve your dental hygiene – and when it’s time to schedule a visit.

Check Your Tongue Border

Have you been experiencing some sensitivity in your teeth lately? Perhaps you have noticed that your jaw feels somewhat tired or sore. If so, go ahead and take a look at the outer border of your tongue, as well. The presence of indentations may provide evidence of an ongoing bruxism problem – an oral health disorder that occurs when you grind or clench your teeth. Give us a call, so we can diagnose your issue an offer treatment.

Pay Attention To Bad Breath

Bad breath is something that can occur due to a wide variety of problems. If you think you’ve been brushing your teeth the way you are supposed to and you haven’t been eating anything particularly offensive, you have a couple things to think about. First, if you’re suffering from daily dry mouth or swollen gums, contact us immediately. However, a good first effort for an otherwise healthy smile is brushing your tongue! Bacteria like to hang out on this part of your mouth, too, which can lead to malodorous breath.

Recognize Discomfort

A common sign of oral cancer is discomfort in your tongue or trouble moving your tongue. If you notice this symptom, give us a call, so we may quickly schedule a visit to check your oral health.