Mending Cracks With Tooth Bonding

Tooth and lightning icon. Outline tooth and lightning vector icon for web design isolated on white backgroundIt goes without saying that many people place a great emphasis on their smile’s appearance. After all, a bright shine communicates excellent oral health, as well as heightened confidence and happiness. With this in mind, a noticeable blemish such as a chip or a crack can significantly detract from your overall shine, resulting in a reduction of confidence and the like. Though cracks or chips can occur by accident, there is no need to doom your smile to a sub-optimal appearance. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist explains how dental bonding and contouring can benefit your grin with discreet treatment.

When Cracks are on the Surface Only

Nothing is more frightening than enduring a dental emergency. We do not mean that the situation itself is always startling, but rather, the uncertainty of how much damage has been endured will make anyone nervous. Indeed, an emergency can range in terms of how you are affected, and while some situations may warrant immediate emergency room care, many others may offer nothing more than a surface-level concern.

In the event that you experience a chip or a crack in a tooth, it is important to first determine the level of severity. As we mentioned previously, some emergencies warrant emergency room care, whereas others can be addressed here in our office. For example, a cracked tooth where the crack is nothing more than surface-level could benefit from cosmetic treatment such as bonding and contouring.

Dental bonding and contouring is a cosmetic process that involves applying a composite material to the affected site, then smoothing and shaping it to closely mimic the natural appearance of your smile. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Discreet Solutions

One of the major benefits that accompany dental bonding and contouring treatment is the ability to provide discreet care. You are probably familiar with some treatment options such as a metal crown or filling. Though these options certainly address the concern, they do so in a noticeable manner that significantly takes away from your grin’s appearance.

With bonding and contouring, the composite material used is shade-matched to the hue of your teeth, meaning treatment is virtually unnoticeable. Give our team a call to learn more today.

Other Major Benefits

In addition to discreet treatment, other major benefits of bonding and contouring include the ability to address more than just cracks. As a matter of fact, bonding and contouring can be used to reestablish symmetry by addressing chips, as well as gaps between your teeth.

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