Root Canal Treatment Can Stop An Infection

Is it really possible for you to not realize that you have a cavity? Trouble with decay can go unnoticed at first. Even after a cavity forms and restorative dental work is needed, you can fail to realize that something is wrong. Unfortunately, when you do start to feel discomfort, it can be a sign that decay has spread to the point where your tooth has taken on an infection. At this point, it can take a root canal to stop the matter from progressing further. At our Conroe, TX dental office, we can provide different types of care for cavities. At times when doing so is deemed necessary, we can provide root canal therapy to eliminate the threat of severe decay. We can also provide early warnings and restorative services for smaller cavities found during dental exams.

How Much Trouble Can Tooth Decay Really Cause?

The longer it takes a person to do something about tooth decay, the more likely it is that a problem with a cavity will become serious. Eventually, an infection can develop as bacteria make their way through your enamel and create uncomfortable issues with pain and sensitivity. You can also notice worrying swelling around the tooth or observe a change in its color. There is another risk to concern yourself over, as the cavity can eventually cause so much harm that your tooth must be extracted! To avoid this, make sure you reach out when you believe something is wrong with your oral health, as a root canal can stop tooth loss from taking place.

A Root Canal Can Take On Problems Within Your Tooth Structure

By providing root canal treatment, our practice can restore a tooth’s health by dealing with the bacteria and infection within its pulp. After removing unhealthy tissues from this space, we can seal it and prepare you for the placement of a custom dental crown. This process can take more work and make a more significant change to your tooth structure than treatment with a dental filling. That being said, it takes on a potentially severe problem while still preserving your full smile, something you can certainly appreciate.

What Can I Do To Avoid Future Root Canals?

If you regularly schedule dental exams and cleanings, you can avoid problems that require root canal therapy in the future. Every regular appointment provides an opportunity for a thorough review, one that can alert you to a smaller cavity that has not yet started to cause issues with an infection.

Talk To Your Conroe, TX Dentist About Scheduling Root Canal Treatment!

By taking on an advanced cavity with a root canal procedure, we can stop a potentially serious issue from affecting your oral health! If you would like to find out more, contact The Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX at 936-441-4600.