Traditional Teeth Whitening: Why It’s Worry Free (With Us)

Let’s just assume for a moment that your plan is to come in to receive traditional teeth whitening with our practice. You aren’t considering running out to purchase something from the store on your own, you’re not trying a remedy you found online, and you’re not hoping that if you just scrub hard enough, your stains will disappear (hint: this won’t work). Instead, you’re taking the safe route, as you come in to see our Conroe, TX team for the whiter smile you’ve been dreaming about. However, you feel a little worried. Wondering why you absolutely don’t need to be, when you receive this cosmetic care with us? Find out more!

We Verify Your Oral Health First

One of the major benefits of coming in to see us for professional, traditional teeth whitening, rather than taking other paths, is the fact that we make sure you’re ready. Remember that when you’re bleaching teeth, it’s something that should only be administered on healthy teeth! To ensure you’re actually ready physically and health-wise, we begin by examining your smile. You can stop worrying that there will be any problem with the application of your treatment!

We Make Sure It’s Right For You!

In addition to ensuring your smile is healthy enough to receive the teeth whitening treatment you want, we also begin by making absolutely certain it’s the right treatment for you. What if you want a whiter smile but whitening isn’t going to give you the dramatic improvement you want? When you visit us, we can provide other treatment suggestions that will offer those improvements (such as veneers).

We Provide Very Gentle, Very Effective Treatment

The treatment you receive from our team is one that you take home and use over the course of two weeks! It includes whitening gel and custom-made trays, so the treatment steadily yet beautifully removes stains!

We’re Here To Answer Your Questions!

Of course, when you try to whiten on your own, you don’t have a team of dental professionals to advise you! When you come in for teeth whitening with us, you do! Remember that there’s nothing to worry about because our team is here to explain every single thing you need to know, to answer all of your questions, and to ensure your smile looks bright and beautiful!

Enjoy Safe Stain Removal With Our Whitening

Take the time to visit our compassionate team for the cosmetic care you want! Remember that attaining a whiter smile through the use of our professional teeth whitening treatment ensures safe, lovely results! Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.