What You Should Know About TMJ Disorder

頬に手を当て眉をしかめる男性From a young age, we learned about the importance of taking care of our smiles and what the ins and outs of preventive dental care looked like. Indeed, our smiles are constantly facing a barrage of oral bacteria-related threats, so the least we could do is offer a helping hand. Even still, nontraditional dental concerns such as sleep apnea and chronic teeth grinding can cause their fair share of damage, and seeking treatment sooner rather than later is a must. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist explains what TMJ disorder is and how it affects your oral health.

A Result of Untreated Teeth Grinding

Believe it or not, TMJ disorder is a jaw dysfunction that often results from untreated teeth grinding. Indeed, bruxism – the name given to chronic teeth grinding – is a phenomenon that occurs when a person tightly clenches his or her teeth together and proceeds to move the lower mandible from side to side, creating friction.

Although bruxism in and of itself is a complication to your teeth and their structural integrity, it is what comes after that you really want to be on the lookout for. You see, the unnatural direction in which your teeth move while unconsciously grinding them puts you at risk for developing TMJ disorder.

For the purposes of this blog, TMJ disorder is considered to be a dangerous jaw dysfunction that occurs when the lower mandible becomes misaligned with either one or both of the two temporomandibular joints (TMJs) at which it hinges to the jaw. To learn more about this phenomenon and how our team can help, give us a call today.

The Way It Impacts Your Oral Health and Function

Though you may not know too much about the effects of TMJ disorder, we are here to tell you that it is nothing to take lightly. One of the primary affects you will experience with this disorder is a noticeable popping or clicking in the jaw as it attempts to correct the concern. This popping can be painful, and even result in tissue tearing and damage.

The sooner you seek treatment for this issue, the better the results will be. While TMJ disorder can be a frightening experience to endure, our team will do what we can to help provide ease of tension and comfort. Contact our team to learn more.

What to Expect from Treatment

To address the issue of a misaligned jaw, our team would recommend the help of guided splint therapy. This process involves our team creating a custom splint for your jaw/lower facial region and diligent care.

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