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What To Know About TMJ Disorder

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It goes without saying that oral healthcare can be a tricky task to do correctly. In fact, many adults make the common mistake of only paying attention to their teeth when other structures contribute to overall oral health. For instance, your oral cavity is comprised of teeth, gums, roots, tongue, jaw, lips, cheeks, and throat,… Read more »

Addressing Bruxism Before It Gets Worse


It goes without saying that many individuals need a vacation after the tumultuous year and a half the world has faced. From stressors such as job insecurity to quarantining and everything else in-between, it is no surprise that a number of individuals have neglected their oral health. Indeed, there are countless factors out there that… Read more »

Understanding The Effects Of TMJ Disorder

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Dental decay and infection are among the most common oral health concerns out there, posing a significant threat to the integrity of your grin. While they may be the most common, however, they are far from the only factors you must worry about. In fact, there is an entire multitude of items that negatively influence… Read more »

The Dangers of Incessant Teeth-Grinding

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When anyone receives a cavity, what is happening is that oral bacteria are weakening your tooth’s structure, causing the section to cave in. A great number of factors could have contributed to this moment, from forgetting to floss, to skipping your dental exam and even from grinding your teeth at night and wearing down their… Read more »

How An Oral Appliance Helps You

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There are several considerations that go into your dental treatment. From functional factors to structural ones, cosmetic needs and more, your overall oral health is the top priority, and your procedure typically follows suit. Indeed, there are many factors that pose a threat – whether significant or minor – to your smile, and sometimes it… Read more »

Do you Have TMJ Disorder?

It goes without saying that a number of individuals can recognize factors that constitute a dental concern, including pain or sensitivity in teeth, the presence of decay, a broken or chipped tooth, and more. Unfortunately, however, a number of concerns actually go unnoticed or may not appear to be related to your oral health initially,… Read more »

Your Headache May Be Coming from Your Jaw

Chronic, unexplained pain can be incredibly frustrating and demoralizing. Not being able to determine the source of your pain can have a maddening effect, and it may lead to you just learning to live with the pain. Sometimes, the source of your pain isn’t even the place where you’re experiencing pain. If you wake up… Read more »

Are Your Headaches Caused by TMJ Disorder?

When you develop a headache that keeps recurring and getting worse, your oral health might not be the first thing you consider as the main cause of it. However, for people who experience TMJ disorder, chronic headaches and migraines can be just one of several symptoms that can be traced back to the malfunction in… Read more »

How to Deal with a TMJ Disorder

The only way to deal with most oral health concerns is to actively address them. If you have a cavity, it won’t stop growing until you treat it. If you develop gingivitis, it will continue progressing until you manage it. When you have a TMJ disorder, which impacts your jaw joints’ ability to function, the… Read more »

When to Take Jaw Pain Seriously

Even when your oral health is trying to tell you that something is wrong, it can sometimes be easy to ignore the symptoms, or to fail to take them seriously because they don’t seem severe. When it comes to chronic jaw pain, the discomfort might be more intense, but failing to understand why can cause… Read more »