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When to Take Jaw Pain Seriously

Even when your oral health is trying to tell you that something is wrong, it can sometimes be easy to ignore the symptoms, or to fail to take them seriously because they don’t seem severe. When it comes to chronic jaw pain, the discomfort might be more intense, but failing to understand why can cause… Read more »

Could Headaches and Migraines Mean You Have TMJ Disorder?

When many people experience a headache, they don’t often consider it a sign of something more serious. Once the pain subsides, the memory of the headache and worry of what it might mean can often fade away, as well. However, if your headaches return often, or get increasingly worse until they develop into migraines, then… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Signs of TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is one of the more diverse kinds of oral health conditions that patients can experience. For example, it can describe different kinds of specific problems with one or both of your jaw joints, and the symptoms of it may not be the same for everyone who has TMJ disorder…. Read more »

TMJ Facts You Should Know if Your Jaw Hurts

If your tooth started to hurt, you could probably guess at least a couple of reasons why, and be fairly accurate with your guess. However, jaw pain isn’t as common as a toothache, and given the complexity of your jaw’s joints, muscles, and other structures, it isn’t always easy to guess what the problem is…. Read more »

Can Chronic Jaw Pain Mean Something Serious?

In most cases, any form of dental discomfort can indicate a potentially serious problem with your oral health. If it’s a toothache, then you may immediately realize that your tooth is in trouble and needs attention from your dentist or oral health specialist. However, for symptoms like chronic jaw pain, the specific source of the… Read more »

What Having TMJ Disorder Means, and How to Treat It

For many of the most common oral health concerns, such as cavities and gingivitis, the impacts they can have on your oral health are similar to the impacts they can have on others. While the specifics of your tooth decay or gum disease may differ, the condition itself follows a progressive pattern that’s common for… Read more »

When to Suspect You Might Have TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder isn’t the kind of dental condition that you can prevent with an exceptionally good dental hygiene routine. That’s because, unlike more common dental concerns, it doesn’t develop from an excess buildup of oral bacteria and dental plaque. On the contrary, TMJ disorder can develop from a variety of different underlying factors, and when… Read more »

Bruxism And TMJ Disorder: What’s The Difference?

If you have ever mentioned jaw pain or discomfort to your dentist, you’ve likely been asked several questions about the pain as well as your habits. While these help your dentist to determine the cause, severity, and type of the pain you are experiencing, you may be left with questions of your own. In today’s… Read more »

You Don’t Have To Live With TMJ Discomfort

When you are living with TMJ disorder, normal occurrences like talking and eating can cause intense discomfort. Whether you feel like your pain isn’t that bad or it seriously impairs your quality of life, you shouldn’t have to live with it. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX, dentist will discuss the symptoms of this disorder… Read more »

Computer Use: 3 Negative Smile Side Effects

Of course, we all love some serious time spent on the computer, whether just surfing the web for something interesting, delving into a particular topic, checking email, watching a movie, or anything else! Then, there are many individuals whose work is spent at the computer, either for a career, a hobby, art, writing, and the… Read more »