Why You Shouldn’t Sweep Dry Mouth Under The Rug

While dealing with dry mouth that doesn’t come and go but instead, comes and stays, may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, we have news for you: It’s more than that! Sure, a passing moment of a cottony feeling mouth may mean very little. However, when you recognize that your mouth isn’t pleasantly moist and comfortable but instead lacking moisture on a regular basis, there’s more to it! We encourage you to consider some reasons why it’s best not to sweep this issue under the rug but instead, to make quick changes or to come see our Conroe, TX team for additional insight and care.

It Could Be Something Simple

We know that you may assume dry mouth means something is definitely wrong with your oral health and that there’s probably a serious and very mysterious cause. However, it’s often something very simple, which we can help you pinpoint. With that said, always remember that dry oral tissues are often a side effect of many medications. Take a look at your daily intake of medicine before you jump to any other conclusions. Changing what you take (or speaking about a possible change with your doctor) may be all you need.

It Could Mean You’re Dehydrated

Drink more water if you’re not drinking enough. This minor lifestyle adjustment may be all that your body requires!

It Could Be Something You Cannot Figure Out

Not sure what’s going on? Call us. Come in for a dental checkup and you will head home with answers (and the treatment suggestions or advice you need).

It May Lead To Oral Health Problems

Yes, bad breath is embarrassing and dry mouth doesn’t necessarily feel very good. However, we want you to remember that over time, lacking sufficient oral moisture can lead to a variety of problems that are simply frustrating and then those that actually negatively impact your oral health. They include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • You may have trouble breaking down your food to chew and swallow it
  • You may have difficulty actually tasting your food
  • Dry mouth will allow bacteria to thrive and accumulate in your mouth, which can lead to a host of bacteria-related problems, such as the development of tooth decay, infection, bad breath, and more

See Us For Help With Dry Mouth ASAP

Don’t ignore dry mouth but instead, come in to see our team for a dental checkup the moment you realize it’s a persistent concern. We can speak to the cause and help you get your oral moisture back in check. Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.